ID-10026533Colour is a universal language spoken by the soul to the ego mind and is non invasive healing tool dating back to 500BC. me communicate using colour daily by our colour choice. Our colour choice talks to I and to the people around us, revealing much about our inner selves. From a healing perspective colour communicates with all levels of body, mind, spirit and soul and activates the healing power on all levels of our being. me open all our senses to take in the information colour provides to support deep healing, integration within body, mind and spirit, and to support the coherence and enhance the ability to communicate with different forms of consciousness and dimensions. From the moment me wake up me are bombarded with colour, colour is light, and where there is no colour there is darkness, and where there is light, there is all the colours. Without light there would be no life on earth. According to German physicist and bio-chemist Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, the key to the elementary code of life, the communication between all forms of life, the control factor of the biological organism, is simply light.Without realising it me communicate to others our deepest thoughts and feelings through the colour choices of the clothes me wear what colours me have in our homes and whether our faces radiate light or not. The subconscious of people talking and interacting with you picks up on these colours and communication at the very deepest level. When me understand and acknowledge the gentle yet powerful affect colour has on I and everyone around us, we start to live a positive, fulfilling and happy life. Colour tells I how me are feeling, what is going on in our lives and helps I direct our energies in a positive and supportive way.Using colour can have a positive and profound impact on the performance of businesses and the workers I encounter. me achieve this through understanding the messages they want to portray and then using a colour that speaks to the subconscious. Colour is the bridge between the soul and the ego and together the ego helps put the soul’s desires, visions and adventures into alignment and action, and colour supports the ego so the ego and soul work in partnership and this allows synchronicity to happen. That’s what makes Colour stand out. It helps take our ego home to our soul. Understanding the true essence of who me are, what qualities me were born with and how me can leverage this has opened doors for many women to their true potential. Just being a listening ear and sharing the message and emotion behind their colour choice I show them how to use this knowledge to be in a place of empowerment while utilising that feminine co-creative power women naturally possess. The subscribers to my e-newsletter and blog regularly receive tools and techniques to help them use colour to achieve their own personal goals. Here are what clients are saying in their own words to give you an idea of what colour therapy is all about:
I was drawn to take a colour consultation with Marcia, as I needed encouragement to take the next step in my life and I wanted to try something new. I had already attended a colour numerology workshop with Marcia which was beautifully presented and I had such fun that I soon booked a personal session. I was immediately at ease and it rather felt like talking to an old friend. The healing was gentle yet deep, a nurturing process. After our session there was a big difference, I felt empowered, encouraged and somehow lighter and felt ready and able to make take that step I had needed to take for some time. I was blown away particularly by the “clearing of my aura” or whatever she did with the crystals. All I can stay is it really worked wonders. I personally have fallen for the work with crystals, as immediately after the first session I had a strong reaction both physically and emotionally. I felt energized and on top of the world. And this is after every session I have had. The other great aspect is after each session I also get practical tips and hints on what to read, check out or do at home.. Petra, Brussels
There seems to be no end to what colour therapy can do for you, from the consultations and workshops I have taken, I have learnt how to use colour to heal and uplift my tired body and mind, to what clothes to wear when I give a presentation or have an important meeting, to what colour to have in my home for my family. All I can say is give colour a try because some how it will transform your whole life. Having tried a lot of different alternative routes, colour is the winer for me. And you will see Marcia’s light to the spectrum makes the experience all the more appealing. Sally
Colour can literally open you up to a rainbow of possibilities, and can support I in all aspects of our lives. me can create, through the process of changing the colour clothing me wear, radiate light by recharging and balancing our chakras through daily colour breathing and create a happy and peaceful environment by having specific colours in our homes, and use positive colour affirmations to change our thoughts and feelings to more uplifting and positive ones. Colour can give you the strength to deal with daily challenges and bring about happiness and inner peace. Colour is like a roadmap in life, it is your life’s GPS! Colour encourages I to take personal responsibility for ourselves and our life and helps I use the healing power within ourselves, gives you ability to work through problems and traumas, accept guidance and direction, or any number of scenarios me find ourselves in!