Marcia O'Regan

Colour Therapist, Mother, Author and Enlightenment Enabler

My Story

Welcome! So you are here to find out a little about me, Marcia, the face behind Glow Your True Colours.

I would love to have us sit down together over a cup of tea and get to know each other better, but as we are virtual right now, then let me give you a little insight in to WHO I AM.

I am many things, but the essence of who I am is LOVE.  I am original, alternative, mothering, caring, generous and vulnerable, with an innate sense to know what you need (and yes, I am big into WOO WOO!) Quite often I see the essence of a person and their innate potential before they can see it themselves. I have this ability to see the unseen, using colour as the language to understand you on a soul level.

I created Glow Your True Colours for intuitive and passionate self-development lovers and business owners and who want to expand and tap into to their innate potential. For people like you, who are looking for an easier, colourful and supportive path who are ready to expand their business and life beyond their wildest dreams.

I want to share the ancient secret power behind colour for health, well-being, harmony and business success.

The saying ‘showing your true colours’ is a very apt saying! It is with this knowledge I have this innate ability to shed some light on many of the dark spots in your life, and identify what could be holding you back from a life that flourishes.

Just like when you visit a country you can’t fully embrace all it has to offer, or ask for what you really want if you don’t speak the language. Colour is the language of living and life itself. Without this you cannot fully benefit or embrace the real magic.

Those messages are there for you, you just don’t know the language yet.

Do You Want to Start Unraveling the Secrets of Colour Now?

Working With Me

I am incredibly grateful for all I have. I am powerful, just being in a room with me will have you energized, enlightened and smiling. You need to be ready for BIG THINGS in your life and business to work with me, as I enhance and bring about a transformation with whoever I connect with.

I am a connector. Connection is something I find very important.  Connection in so many forms; being able to connect with you and see what you need right now, to start shining your own true light to connect with the essence of who you really are. I have this ability to get you to feel connected with yourself, your needs and that calling of your heart, to connect you with what you need right now.

Connection is so important, and I call it one of my CPR’s in life. Connection can get you to breathe life into your life and beyond.

I am an enabler. I enable you to connect with the calling of your heart deep inside you. The one that you ignore from time to time, or all the time because of practicalities you keep telling yourself. I am non-judgmental, so you can be honest with yourself like never before, as we can uncover the hidden treasures inside you.

I am a Mother.  I nurture you like a Mother, listen to you, care for you and give you a loving kick up the butt if needed. You can’t beat a loving Mother. I had one of those Mothers who made me the great woman I am today and this enables me to do that for those I work with. To love you, and gently and firmly encourage you.

I have a great sense of humour, I can laugh at myself, and get you to laugh at yourself too. I used to be a people pleaser but over the years I no longer have this need. My Mother used to tell me “please yourself and you will please everyone else”, but I found it hard to do that, as I wanted to be liked and I wanted people to feel good. But as I worked on my own personal development and with my guides and gurus, I now apply what she told me growing up. I do my very best, I am 150% present with those I work with and I say how it is. I have found honesty is the best policy as everyone knows where they stand.

Colour Therapy Journey

Through colour, I have the ability to reveal your own magnificence and your innate potential.

You see, you are UNIQUE.  There is nobody else in this world like you, and I work with you to get you aligned with the REAL YOU. I journey with you, I open the space for you for discovery which enables you to connect with who you really are and most importantly, move away from who you think you should be.

I help you unlearn the untruths of what you have carried through many generations, so you can be liberated and ready to feel the ESSENCE of who you truly are.  I gently and lovingly urge you to be seen for who you really are and express this within your business, so you can succeed, follow your dreams, and live the life you know you deserve to have.


My Personal Journey of Disconnect to Discovery…

I know about the importance of this, because it was this dis-connect in my life that led me to find colour.

Years ago, everything in my life from the outside looked great; a well-paid corporate job, great social life, lovely friends and the freedom to travel whenever and wherever I wanted, but inside I knew something was missing.  I yearned to connect with my soul mate. The disconnection and discomfort in me presented itself as health issues and so one day I took a leap of faith and enrolled in a six month colour therapy course.

Within five months I had changed jobs, bought a car and bought a flat that I had spent 14 years talking about.  Most importantly though, in the six months since taking the course, my health issues were solved. Soon after, I completed my diploma and teacher trainer course, and just one year later I began to practice and teach colour therapy.

I manifested my soulmate; he was worth waiting for and 10 years on we have three beautiful kids, a dream home and I am really living my dream life, from a place of gratitude and in awe of just how powerful and naturally it unfolded.

For me colour continues to support, guide and energise my whole being and influences my life, my home, my family and my clients. It is everything.

I know this is possible for you as well, if you want it.

So if you are ready to go after what you really desire and stop convincing yourself to go for something less stretching, then let’s talk!

If this sounds like a journey you want to embark on and feel ready to start living the life your soul desires we should have a chat. Check out my diary and we can have a free 30-minute skype call to chat, connect and explore some more.

Their Journey

Read more about how individuals and business owners feel and what they experienced during their colour therapy course with me.


"I am feeling totally transformed and not yet at the end of this course."


"This has truly been one of the biggest transformational gifts in my life"


"I have made huge strides forwards on my journey with Marcia"