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Live from Your Power

A Year to Clear What is Holding you back so you get to Live and Serve From Your Highest Potential.

If you are ready to walk away from pushing, doing, trying, forcing and all forms of lack and instead experience ease, joy, abundance and a deep connection with yourself from a place of BEING then you are in the right place.

By tapping into the ancient wisdom and healing power of colour you uncover who you are, how powerful you are, where your blocks lie and neutralize anything getting in the way from you having your dream life from a place and sense of BEING, that will blow your mind.

The saying ‘Living life through Rose-tinted spectacles will become your reality. You will start to see that Colour does the work for you and you start to feel totally different and of course, you then start to experience and see life in a totally different way.

Colour changes your energy, your energy changes how you think and feel and this changes your life. 

You are a soul of many colours and by knowing your unique soul’s colour personality and infinite potential you see just how powerful and amazing you are.  And it’s’ from this place you create MAGIC.

Your dreams and desires are at the other side of how you are BEING.  This is the new paradigm, its ease, flow, intuition, reading and learning the colours of your soul being and following your hearts calling.

My innate skill is to uncover what is truly holding you back and change this using colour tools and spiritual wisdom so that you can see in you, the potential your soul shows me. And its from this place you start to see your life and business transform literally before your very eyes.

You are more powerful and capable than you think. But when you get to know who you REALLY ARE and tap into your inner power and wisdom you become the co-creator of your BIG dream life and business and make a difference in the world.

The Inner Wealth Activator is your first step into working with colour, removing mental blocks and really starting to feel “wealthy” from the inside out.

The Inner Wealth Alchemy Academy integrates a wholeness within you that allows you to move forward with your life and business plans.

Live From Your Power Programme is designed for highly spiritual entrepreneurs to uplevel your life and wealth to 6 figures++ within 12 months.

Enjoy a full V.I.P experience with me. Before your day even starts you will be treated with love, respect and made to feel your true worth.

“Marcia’s pure heart, care, crazy energy levels, deep wisdom and gifts guide you gently, safely and with so much lightness and humour she makes you feel – know – that anything is possible..”

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start Glowing today

When you start to GLOW then you feel wonderful from the inside out.  You wake up and you feel so fulfilled and content and grateful to be alive.  You think you must contact someone, and that someone calls you moments later.  You ask your guides or angels to mind that parking place and when you get back there it is free for you to slip into.

You feel humbled to be working with amazing clients from a place of ease, grace, joy and contentment.  You feel totally connected to the Universe, who you are, your intuition and intuitive gifted.  You are supported by a loving mentor who holds the space for you to SHINE your true light and gifts into the world and make a difference.

This is what it means to GLOW YOUR TRUE COLOURS when you work with someone like me, Marcia.  I am here for you to love you, lead you, guide you and inspire you to be the person you came here to be, to do the great soul work you came here to do and live an abundant bright beautiful life where you can ask for more, be energetically available for more and enjoy more of what this life on Earth has to offer you.

Colour is the language of your soul and once you to tap into the ancient wisdom and profound healing abilities then a whole new world starts to open up and you feel so alive, so connected and glow daily just like you see a bride glow on her wedding day, just that you have this glow every day!

Whether you’re starting or growing your business or looking to make a big change in your personal life, I am here to help you reach the highest levels of your infinite creative potential and tap into the deepest wisdom of your soul and that of your Divine management and Soul’s Counsel.

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My Inner Wealth Activator Programme has had so many successes for all of our members. You can find out more in our Success Stories

There are so many opportunities to welcome and harness the power of colour into your life. To help you to enhance your present and seek out the future you deserve and desire. You can find more of my colour therapy programmes here, and discover the right path for you.

You can just dip your toe into the sea of colour and get start your journey to self-discovery and colour enlightenment right now by using my colour attraction guide.

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