In last weeks episode, I talked about what it is living from your true power as a woman. If you haven’t read it, here is the link to read first as this second article leads on from there. Click here to read the first article in the series here. To get to that place of feeling powerful, and good deep inside no matter what outside circumstances are, there is a process. It requires honouring the Divine Feminine wisdom and the Divine Masculine for what it is. Today I am going to cover the Divine Feminine, and next week I will share the power of the Divine Masculine. The Divine Feminine co creates with the Universe. She is connected to the moon, the stars, the sun and Mother Earth. She is soft, resilient, light, strong, and vulnerable. She is in tune with her body’s inner rhythm, her body speaks to her and she is familiar with her inner guide, and feelings instead of what her head says. She just KNOWS and deep confidence in that knowing. Her body’s response to a word, a colour, an energy, and sixth sense is felt and acknowledged. And it guides her in her every living moment. When we live from that place we experience richness and deep fulfillment. It is when we go against this way of being where we think we have to push, try and make things happen, and become impatient and over think, we lose connection to this Divine Feminine part of us. We are being called now to rise into this Divine Feminine part of us. To re-awaken this wisdom that has been lost and taken from us for fear of being too powerful. But the last three eclipses have opened the hearts of those on this planet and we are about to see and experience a whole new world where we collaborate, love, care and share for each other. The Divine Feminine is the wise side of us as women. She senses when she is pregnant and doesn’t need a scan to tell her, she has a sense to call a friend at exactly the right time without knowing why. I remember myself when I was pregnant with Elodie, I woke up as 6am and felt my Mothers presence and I cried, and I said to myself today I am going to give birth. One hour later at 7am I had my first contraction and she was born at 4pm that day. My Divine Feminine knew. We are now being called to connect back deeper in to this Divine Feminine wisdom of being a woman. We are being called now to rise into this so we can enable men to live from their Divine Masculine and connect in with their Divine Feminine. I have worked with meaning full men and they have deeply touched me. This brings us to Golden Atlantis wisdom where there is a place for both. And each one was equally honoured. The Divine Feminine has lost its wonder, joy, dance, movement, passion and sensuality to her. She loves her curves, how the colour of her skin changes to reflect how she feels. Once you connect with a woman on that level you feel it in your heart. In my work with these kinds of women, I feel my eyes fill up as I feel ALL of what it means to be a woman, to be their unique selves. There is a place for it all and we don’t take away from anyone as it is based on love. We just enhance when we live from that place. And that Divine Feminine part of us, is being a woman is her POWER. There is a rhythm to her, a heartbeat to her, a fire to her, a complexity and a simplicity and it’s all there at the same time. When we honour all of us as women and not as separate but as Goddesses, and at one with the world then we can claim back our power as a woman. Living with this Divine Feminine wisdom empowers us and enables us to grow into our vision, our dreams, and the fulfillment of our life purpose, where we that nourishes each vibe of who we are. I believe this heals us as women, individually and collectively. It heals the paths that women have walked on before us and it heals the paths of the future so women can really blossom into the truth, power and love that makes up a woman living from her greatness and magic. From this Divine Feminine place she grows with the least struggle and helps us become all we are meant to be. Where adversity is turned into triumph, where she no longer goes against herself and no longer pleases at her expense. When women live fully honouring the Divine Feminine then she will be guided deeper into her Divine Fulfillment. I know for me my life purpose involves being a Mother, a wife, a way shower, a healer, mentor, and lover of life, the Divine and Mother Earth and a speaker of truth and to be there for all women when they are ready to acknowledge and step into their true power and essence. I feel a calling to honour this Divine Feminine, in fact it feels like a sacred contract. I am organizing a 2 day retreat, in Bergamo, Italy on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th November 2018, with my soul sister Aishling Mooney who also works with women and the Divine Feminine. During these two days, we will be healing the psyche of women being child bearers, caters, sacrificers, less than and aligning to Divine Feminine truths, such as magical, wise, strong, powerful, intuitive, spiritual, diverse, potent, loving, vulnerable and cyclical. It will be a deeply healing and liberating experience for you, Mother Earth and on behalf of all women around the world so all women can live out their true Divine Feminine Gifts with freedom, wealth and happiness. The focus will be Divine Feminine Rising and a beautiful celebration, healing, transformation and up-leveling for those of you who are ready for this. There is no sales page, as we see this as a calling, and so you will feel if you are meant to be part of this event. There is an amazing offer of just €397 for two days with us. Here is the link to the Facebook link with more details.