Oh, we could all do with a splash of orange. The orange soul personality is the one that lifts us up with their vibrant orange, joyful happy presence.

If you are the yellow soul or have partners or your kids know that they are here to be the soul that shines. Their presence matter and to let their bright light glow, be bold and brave.

By learning the various soul personalities and connecting with your own unique soul colour personality you will gain insight into the soul you came here to be and co-create the new earth and love-based culture.

The thing is that we have been told who we are, and what we can and can’t do based on the influence of culture, society, education system and they have coloured who we are.

Quite often it is not true what these 3D consciousness have told us we are capable of. So this week I am going to reveal all the juicy wisdom on the orange soul.


If you don’t know your full Soul Colour Blueprint, find out here and share with anyone you feel would also benefit from this knowledge.