One of the interesting things about colour is the ‘curiosity’ it sparks. When I first meet people, they often ask me what their colour preference says about them. They are always intrigued by its meaning and are blown away at its accuracy. People want to learn more about themselves. They’d like confirmation that they are on the right path. They like to know what messages are there for them to gain an increased awareness and to contribute to a fulfilling and happier life. But what about your colour dislike? Have you ever considered what this says about you? graphic1 Well, let me reveal some of the colour spectrum meanings. Having a strong dislike to a particular colour can be indicative of an absence or want. Something that needs attention and could be serving as a stumbling block in your life. In acknowledging this aversion you are bringing an awareness. See where this resonates in your body by sending the colour that comes to you to that area. See if over time you can embrace this colour. Try a lighter or stronger hue. Let’s start with the RED ray. If you really can’t bear this colour then most likely you are feeling rejection, a defeat on some level either now or in the past. It can indicate a physical illness. While PINK indicates un-reconciliation with Mother or Father. An aversion to ORANGE denotes mental or physically exhaustion, so make sure you take time to rest and recuperate. GOLD on the other hand tends to relate to some form of rejection of the material or spiritual worlds. YELLOW means you suffered disappointments or loss of personal power. GREEN is linked to feelings of loneliness, grief, rejection or mental trauma. While BLUE can show fear of failure or loss of wealth, status or position. TURQUOISE is saying you could be shutting off feelings, or be afraid of change, or that you are in a rut emotionally. DARK BLUE indicates that either someone is being disloyal or you are feeling let down, or have a loss of faith. PURPLE is telling you that you’re feeling trapped by someone else’s authority, or that there is a creative block on some level. BLACK says there could be a desire inside you or that you like to control or there is a need to relinquish your personal power. WHITE says you need to come to a decision and make a clean break. BROWN indicates you are striving to become independent or that there is a need for a change in attitude. GREY alerts the need for cooperation and support from friends and family. As well as resonating with the feeling and colour you might also consider changing or adjusting your behavior and see if this changes anything for you over time. Take the grey ray for example. Start asking your friends and family for support once and a while. Notice that your aversion to grey weakens as you accept help. The combination of colour, paying attention to where this resonates in the body, while changing habitual behaviours will bring about real, deep, long term transformations. In addressing your aversion to a colour you will soon be back on track towards a full spectrum life. Give it a try and let me know what unfolds for you by dropping me an email at

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