The Green Soul Personality: The Healer

I love green, in fact I am a double green soul, it is my soul colour personality and it is the colour I have available. If you look around nature, green is its most dominant colour. This is the soul where abundance is given, is the soul that is all heart, and connected to the earth.

The green soul is very much connected to the cycles of life, the moon. The healer, spiritual, and grounded. They have a great ability to bring the energetic understanding of the soul into the 3D world, physical world and this is where their magic lies. Watch my video below to get the full reveal of the green soul.


The soul colour personality is just one of the four keys of your soul’s blueprint. The blueprint is like your soul’s map of what it came here for. When you know your soul’s blueprint and attune to your inner soul’s blueprint, you can fully express your passions and life’s purpose, while experiencing more ease and joy.

You can then start to access the power within to transform your life. As you align to your soul’s blueprint, you’re in the flow of unlimited opportunities, and can access the innate gifts that have been lying dormant because you have not been given this in school! The world focused on the intellect and forgot the soul.

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I will teach you how to uncover what attributes and colour you were born with, what is available to you (this is like your soul’s GPS) and what you came back to learn.

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