Did you know you have a soul colour personality? Knowing your Soul Colour Personality of huge importance because, without it, you are unable to harness your soul’s full power.

There are four phases you will experience on the Earth plane as a soul, and at each stage, different things will be asked of you and experienced. I hope you will discover as you listen to today’s vlog where you are at and give you a greater understanding of your soul’s path.

This year and beyond will bring in experiences to ensure you discover it! Finding and understanding your soul’s colour personality now will save a lot of soul searching, feelings of disconnection or going down any dark alleys.

If you don’t already know your Soul Colour Personality find out for free here. and share with anyone you feel would also benefit from this knowledge.

Over the course of the next nine weeks, I will describe each of the nine personalities and what they really mean. This week we start with Red, the soul template of leadership, love, success, and passion.

Watch my video below to get the full reading.


Comment below what your soul colour personality is, I would love to see which is the most popular soul colour personality to watch and read my vlogs.