It all starts with you. As you are unique I can’t tell you exactly what that is but what I can tell you is that you will receive what you want and what you need.

Your VIP Experience takes you to a place where you can own your power FULLY.

It is where you will be introduced to your soul as a VIP.

You will be introduced to blockages known and unknown and I will bring in colour and other specific tools suited to your needs to rebalance and realign you on a mind, body, spirit, emotional and metabolic level.

I will introduce you to your very own colour potion so you can rebalance and get back into the alignment of your soul that is FREE, ADUNDANT and FULFILLED.

If you are ready to stand in your power as a Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine then we need to take the next step and get on the phone to explore further.

You are taken care of and cherished from the moment you say yes to this amazing experience. We work intensely to uncover really who you are, what your soul and guides are calling you forward to next and what needs to happen for this divine presence to be your norm.

This leads to a feeling of greatness, fulfillment, and groundedness so you are available for all the Divine has in store for you. Learn everyday skills to support you to rise into your own power as this Powerful Divine Feminine.

After this day you will start to own your own power and sit confidently at the director’s table of life.

This VIP Experience is special, unique where you are going to be introduced to your Spiritual Advisory Board. The wisdom, healing and guidance is integrated and from there we create an inspired Plan Of Action. 

Here is the model of what will happen, bearing in mind that as you are unique then it may be tweaked based on your unique specific needs.

1) Colour Diagnostic

Energy Clearing, unlock what is keeping you from your infinite potential, and what level your blocks are at.

2) Soul Colour Blueprint

This is where you discover who you came here to be, what you have available and what lessons you have come back to learn.

3) Colour Therapy Healing

Using colour techniques to cleanse, clear, balance and set you free from the blocks holding you back from the life you desire.

4) Spiritual Advisory Board

The crème de la crème to the VIP day is where I introduce you to your Spiritual Advisory Board of Directors and get any questions answered and gain a real understanding of the next steps to fulfill your purpose and desires.

5) Integration

A plan of Inspired Action that has such clarity and ease where you naturally are able to implement what comes through from our time together.

6) Pleasure

A beautiful lunch, where you will be shown just how precious you are and be introduced to yourself as THE V.I.P. in your life.

7) Support

You get the support from me before, during and after so you are taken care of and able to leap forwards in every aspect of your life and business.

Are you ready to become your VIP

If this speaks to you and you are ready to be reconnected back to the heart of your soul.

If you are ready to claim your won power and confidently sit at The Directors Table of your life, and appreciate, beauty, love, and attention then this VIP Experience could be for you.


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