Photo From Alternative Spiritual Healing Photo From Alternative Spiritual Healing Were the various tips and exercises I shared with you last week useful? It may be that you found yourself seeing more than one colour in the aura you studied. Don’t worry, it is possible to radiate more than one colour around our energetic body. This week I would love to share a little about what those colours, you saw in the auras, mean! :o) Deep Red – practical-minded, hard-working, active, loyal, with strong willpower, can sometimes be selfish and confrontational Red – active, competitive, independent, an achiever, well- grounded, passionate, can be too single-minded.   Orange – enjoys planning, projects, and being productive, creative and physically expressive, adventurous, may sometimes be pushy. Gold – indicates a strong connection with your Divine presence. A very spiritually-evolved being. Yellow Brown – over-analysing, a perfectionist, may sometimes be controlling so may need to let go a little Yellow – outgoing, bright with a sunny disposition, artistic, optimistic, likes freedom and change, may feel distanced from others and have difficulty in facing realities Green – growth, healing, sympathetic, takes life easy, strong perseverance & endurance. Deep Green – quick-witted, makes things happen, strong personality, communicative, may have very high expectations of self and others, Blue – caring, likes people, supportive, conservative, may have difficulties setting boundaries, honest. Indigo – deep feelings, intuitive, imaginative, strong opinions and independent thinking, idealistic, may feel very needy at times and be judgmental Lavender/purple– dreamer, sensitive, needs calm and stable environment, may be unrealistic and have mood swings Gold – the colour of enlightenment & Divine protection. Brown -unsettled, distracted, materialistic, down-to-earth. Gray – dark thoughts, depressing thoughts, unclear intentions, presence of a dark side in personality. White – highly-motivated, bright, able to see ‘the big picture’, wise. Pink – purity of intention, strong sense of companionship, love of art and beauty. Pregnant women usually radiate pink! Silver – spiritual and physical abundance. Awakening cosmically. Dark Grey – Residue of fear is accumulating in the body and could indicate health issues. Continue developing your ability to see auras, and use this guide to check, as you develop as an aura seer! Until next week. Colourfully, Marcia