So last week I talked about the Divine Feminine and today I want to dedicate some time to the Divine Masculine. Right now as I write this in August 2018, I see the Divine Masculine as being trapped in the wounds of our ancestors, where we were conditioned that we had to be perfect to be worthy of love, where you had to please to be accepted and to ignore your feelings vulnerability and intuitive wisdom. This is why we are being called to balance the two, give space to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. When you tap into the truth and highest form of The Divine Masculine, it is this part that knows when to accept, when to say no to a belief, fear, habit, person or situation without guilt, shame or feeling back. The Divine Masculine refuses to be distracted or kept from doing what you know deep down needs to be done in order for you to fulfill living your life purpose. The Divine Masculine discerns what is best of you and gives you the courage to act on it. It has the capacity to dedicate time and energy to what has most meaning and empowers us as women to claim success in what matters most to us and overcome procrastination. When this Divine Masculine is active and set free within women then we eliminate the past and allow for a fresh start. We can then stand in the truth of our own light so others can find their way by it. When we harness on the Divine Masculine we can strengthen our willpower, and self-belief that we can, in fact, accomplish any task we choose. We can then believe in our own strengths, gifts and take initiative on what matter most us. Then we get can speak our truth and be seen for who we really are. For the Divine Masculine to live in harmony we first have to master our Divine Feminine existence as space is created for the Divine Masculine to come play in our life. How magical is that? We can have this reality if we show up for this and we act in accordance with our heart. I would love to hear your thoughts and idea on what the Divine Masculine is for you. Comment below.