Pink FlowerAs I sat at my desk on Monday afternoon with the sun beaming in the window, thinking what shall I write for you this week that you need to know or be reminded about, the song ‘Search for the Hero inside yourself’ by M people rang in my head. That was the nudge from the universe. I’d write about searching for the hero that resides in each of you and the colour that will help you unleash it.   I downloaded the song from YouTube and it blares into my headset and sends me soaring as I write this post. You see with all that is going on in life and time passing so quickly, being preoccupied with everyday life commitments and the juggle that ensues, we don’t give ourselves the time to search , connect or nurture that hero inside each and every one of us. This hero is the self me are meant to be, the self of infinite possibilities that me often reject because of self-imposed rules and limiting beliefs that have been passed down to I from family, society, and our own experiences. I see that this is all linked to the need to conform in modern society. According to the Oxford Dictionary conformity is “Behaviour in accordance with socially accepted conventions”. This hero inside I needs to be unleashed from this conformity because it is blocking I from our infinite potential.   Imagine if schools and society taught you to search for the hero inside yourself, to live life as you live a dream, aim high and keep that flame burning inside until you feel yourself soaring to your limitless potential.   Just by listening to this song by M People I feel I am about to take off with the overflow of energy in my heart, that is filling my body and about to lift me off the ground. This year I am hearing more and more from clients about the need to really get to the core of who they are, to find that hero inside themselves. They are feeling the calling of their soul to align the yearning of their heart to themselves and their life, but somehow they don’t know where to start. This was one of the reasons I changed the way I work and now offer the Personalized 1-2-1 Programme so me can take time as I support and enable you to find that hero inside. You get to skip through life rather than trudge along. This won’t happen overnight. There are years of conditioning to reverse, but the great news is that once your loosen the knots like you do with a ball of wool, lots of things start to unravel on their own.   Colour is a great tool to use in finding out who you really are. Use the power of the colours unique to you to unlock those doors keeping you from the ‘real’ you. Unravel all the obstacles and situations so the path to your real self is clear once and for all.   It is your birth right to live your life and not the life of someone else or one that has been imposed but doesn’t resonate with you. You are the only one that knows You 100%. After all you are with You 100% of the time. In tending to your own needs and letting that hero inside you soar you will notice a shift, movement, progress. Change is afoot. You will cause a ripple effect in the world and encourage others to do the same.   But HOW Marcia I hear you ask? Well here is one exercise that is uses one of my top 5 colours to align you to your true essence, and can help you reconnect with that hero inside you. It’s the pink ray representing love. me are all love. me are made from love and so when me radiate this ray then me can only attract loving, soft, nice experiences into our life. And so it’s in loving ourselves that me can reach that ‘hero’ inside us. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. Other elements influencing I are our thoughts, feelings, emotions and beliefs. Colour can help bring these gently to the surface and pink is a great colour to use to bring that softness in so me are less hard on ourselves and in doing so it aligns I to this essence of love that every one of I is. Pink dispels all the lower energies in a gentle, soft loving way.   What I find about working with colour is by visualizing or wearing colour consciously it changes something within and so me are more inclined to naturally change how me feel, or become more aware of what it is that is needing attention now.   So why not try this simple exercise below for just a week and let me know what happens for you? Each morning before you rise, visualize a tunnel of white light to clear and cleanse you and then see yourself enveloped in pink light, that moves through each layer of your body and through your cells and feel any shadows being lifted away or nourished. That’s all it takes. Then get up and go about your day.   Only the other day when I was doing my chakra balancing, I felt I needed pink and so I enveloped my whole being in pink. That very day I received the most beautiful email from a lovely colour follower, with a picture of a rose from his garden in the very same shade of pink I saw in my meditation, which is the very picture you see today. This made my heart and soul sing. So don’t under estimate the power of this exercise. Be sure to share your experience of what pink has done for you and if it helped you unleash the hero and true essence of you. You can email me at or leave a message in the comments box below. Notice how this is being reflected in your life. Now finish off your morning by blaring the M people Song that inspired this blog.:o)