The worst enemy to creativity is Self-doubt(1) In my view doubt cancels all dreams and all positive actions you are taking towards your desired outcome. I see this showing up quite a lot with the entrepreneurs I work with so I want to bring it into your awareness, and this awareness may get you to change this behaviour or thoughts to more constructive ones.  The colour associated with self-doubt is a pale slatey grey that actually sucks the energy out of you. It usually occurs when we don’t get what we want. Self-doubt is something that nearly every entrepreneur I work with suffers from, because entrepreneurs are the face of their business. Their business is them and so if things don’t go according to plan then the side effect is self-doubt. As soon as I say ‘did you know that self-doubt cancels all dreams?’ they are hit with a realization, and they start to get it. You can be doing all the right things, the marketing, the Facebook ads, the big talks and all the other actions ‘on paper’ recommended to you but if you are doubting then it literally undoes all your hard work. Just like your website won’t work for you if you don’t have the right colours that represent the real you. It’s the same here. Self-doubt CANCELS! So next time you find yourself doubting change your thoughts to having. You are actually doing a dis-service to yourself and to your clients. Common self-talk that comes up, are I am not worthy enough, am I cut out for this, do I deserve this, I am never going to have a successful business, frustration, overwhelming, feelings of being stuck. Self-doubt brings with it very shaky ground and here is why. As entrepreneurs we question ourselves A LOT. If we don’t get the clients we had hoped for we start questioning and driving our heads mad for answers. But if we focused on ‘what we give’, and that what we offer, and not care about how our numbers then we would be serving others better and ourselves as well. We are all great working for someone else and recommending others but when it comes to blowing our own trumpet and recommending our own services, we shy away. This is not the way to go because you are coming from a place of lack, and as the world and universal energies are all about abundance then you lose this connection as you are not aligned to this energy. If this is happening for you I want you to try these few exercises:
  • Take stock of all you have and you will see you are coming from a place of plenty. Do you self-doubt now? This is the power of gratitude and realizing all we have already, right in this moment.
  • Say the mantra ‘ I come from a place of plenty’ and feel a lovely abundant green energy fill your solar plexus and spread throughout your body. Check in after doing that and you will see that self-doubt disappears. Whenever we feel plentiful, there is no room for doubt.
  • Kindness – be kinder to yourself and others. When you next doubt yourself, notice and really question this untruth you’ve identified in yourself. Remind yourself of the gifted wonderful person you are. Your PRESENCE, being present and your very energetic presence is making a great difference. I was with one of my best friends in May who came to visit for 24 hours, and her presence in my kitchen fueled me with energy. Just being in a room with someone like that is a game changer. This made me realise that being with me too in a room or being connected with me on a Skype call can make all the difference. Our energetic state travels and so in order for it to flow freely, doubt needs to go.
So stop doubting and start believing in YOU, the Infinite Source of Possibilities and YOUR PURPOSE.