In a yellow year we can expect great things to be asked of us in terms of living out the courage of our convictions, to have faith and deep trust in ourselves and to be fearless with the knowing that you can accomplish great things.

January 2019, the first month of the yellow year is giving us the energy of lime green

This month you will be called to be true to your heart, get clear on what you want, who you are on an identity level and embody more of your heart and soul into your life so you can live the life your were born to live.

Being grounded this month is extremely important and asking for Earthly and divine.

Green is associated with money, abundance and your heart.  The truth is fortune, and success favours taking leaps you know in your heart it is time to take and it flows to those who are bold and brave.  You will be tested in this endeavour.

 We have now transitioned into a love based culture and so fear based consciousness has no place.  You are going to be guided to create a deeper acceptance of you own inner knowing and grow in confidence.

 So with such a big ask the first of a yellow year, ease and ground into this month and know you are the creator of your life and not what society, or outward media and fear mongers tell you.

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Much love

Marcia xx