September is here and it comes with a great gift. For one whole month, we get to have GOLD supporting us. It is going to be a powerful month and one where we will be encouraged to harness our Divine Masculine powers! 

​​Gold carries the Divine Masculine Energy.  This is the only colour of the spectrum that cannot be learned, it has to be earned.  

You are being invited to acknowledge just how golden you are and there are many golden opportunities there for you.  Make sure you see them and aren’t stepping over them. 

This month you are being called to step into the golden ray you are.  Your higher power and show up in a bigger, bolder, brighter way because you are gifted, powerful and here to do great things.  

You are not here to fit in, you are here to stand out.

You are not your stories, your past does not define you.  The truth is that you are limitless and in fact, your purpose here on the Earth plane is that you become a clear channel for Spirit and rise into the higher consciousness of your light.

This month invites you to open up to a world which you have dreamed of.   It truly is time to live the beauty all life has to offer you.  You get to choose!

You have come into the world with all you need to live a free, abundant and fulfilled life.  And so this month we are being called to unhook for conditioning, doubt, fear and judgment that is keeping us safe and small.  Our safety is in our power, our safety is in being seen and stepping out as our true selves.

Watch this video where I talk more about Septembers Gold colour and energy. 

Click here for more insight and I have added in a grounding and golden shield deflector so you can have more of the good stuff show up in your life.

Wishing you a truly magical month.