Welcome to October 2018 colour message. Red is a colour that is direct. Knows what it wants and isn’t willing to sacrifice itself. This is particularly pertinent and is a great opportunity for you to really unhook for the mass consciousness of lack, doubt, fear and ‘not good enough’ belief systems. And instead, step into your own truth and power of being deserving, and trusting that you are a Divine Infinite being worthy of great things, and are MORE THAN ENOUGH. You are capable of a more creative, loving and soul satisfying way of living and being. There is a huge opportunity for you to harness from this month. Let’s walk on that red carpet, dance with those red shoes, and give ourselves permission to have a fun filled RED month. I did a meditation at the end of this video. Here’s to a great month filled with opportunities. There is great possibilities for the next 3 months, you can accomplish so much this quarter. It’s possible to make your yearly income in these last three months! Are you ready to claim that kind of reality? Watch this video for more information and get energetically aligned to the power and love of red.