Hello lovelies, I hope you are basking in some warm sunshine at the start of this brand new month of June. May was amazing for me, using the power of turquoise to help guide me through and deliver my Power Masterclass yesterday. It was filled with energy and light and if you managed to catch it, I hope it proved powerful and has lit the way to your place of Power. If you missed it yesterday, please don’t worry, I am being called to deliver this amazing life changing experience to as many women as I can so I am sure another one will be calling me soon.

On to June and Indigo.

Indigo will help keep you connected and grounded this month. It is calling you to tap into your spiritual essence and speak your truth. In the image above you can find it with its perfect companion Golden Orange. These colours working together in harmony create the center point of a storm, where all is calm, peaceful and grounded.

Find my full June message below.

Much love