We are at the final leg of 2018!  December is here and with it brings the colour YELLOW!   

Yellow is a powerful colour especially this month because it’s going to be the colour accompanying us in 2019.  We are being called to acknowledge our power, to let go of any aspects of fear holding us back. We are not here to be small and fit in, because we are here to shine like the sun.

All you desire is inside of you.  

You are powerful, amazing and loved beautifully.  You are more than good enough and fully capable of having the dreams you dream.  Live out your soul’s potential as you are being called up in a bigger, brighter and impactful way.

BE WITH your fears, and instead see what gift it has for you. Yellow is here for you this month and it can shed light in areas of your life where dust has settled.  It’s here to start a new slate therefore you must no longer hide from yourself. 

Shine your light and let the world know you are here.  December is a great month that promises positivity so this month get out of your own way! Use this month to set yourself up for an amazing 2019! .