2015Graphic8Jan The Violet ray took its leave with 2014. Farewell to a year of purification, cleansing, clearing and letting go. A year where me were challenged and encouraged to take responsibility for ourselves and our life with successes granted to those who had already done the self discovery work. While 2014 may have had its challenges, you are now in a good place to embrace the 2015 energy which is MAGENTA Magenta’s big message and energy are all about change, more letting go, nurturing and balance. So another year of great change whether it be that you make big changes like giving up a job that really has done its time, or change country, home or office; or make a simple one where you start doing things differently. This can spice up life. Play around with the change element of 2015 and have some fun. Make a few firsts and see where it leads you. This colour is a supportive hue with motherly love and care helping you along. There is a sense of warmth, richness and abundance with magenta so embrace and embody this. Wear the colour, have coloured accessories, grow magenta flowers, whatever floats your boat. ☺ Balance is going to be important for you this year, centering yourself and coming back to basics. Stop chasing after something else, looking for more money, more possessions. Instead enjoy and be grateful for what you have. You’ll find in doing so you will have more of what you love and enjoy. At the end of the day it’s joy, love, happiness, sharing and helping that are the real gems to true happiness. Your very presence in a room makes a difference. Acknowledge the Divine Light and Brilliance you are. me all have it, and this year me are being asked to own it. Embrace and check in now and again with your balance thermometer. Thinking about it nature is showing I that already with the presence of the sun and moon, night and day, the seasons. Picture the sea where one day its still and another day it ripples and the next it may be crashing up against the rocks, but its all OK. Accept that whatever is happening is OK and see the message or guidance me are being given in whatever space me are in right now. Magenta contains the energy of mother earth: red to ground I and the spiritual violet to connect I with spirit and so if me are in balance with these within magenta me can reach for those stars without falling over. This year embody the strength magenta gives you, the deep divine love and belief she has for I all. Prepare for another year of letting go, which is a great chance for renewal, but the good news is that it will feel more balanced and won’t be as intense as last year. She brings with her great riches, wealth and abundance. Lets tap into that this year too. It’s a time for any business ventures to flourish so enjoy the balanced flow of magenta this year. I wish you a magenta filled 2015.