Work with me one 2 one

How would you like to have one to one attention where all of your needs are taken care of.  You get the personal attention, healing, support, and love to go to the next level in your life and business.

The thing is, what took you where you are today won’t take you where you want to go. 

This program is unique, like nothing else out there because it totally focuses on you as a unique individual.  I work very closely with you to get behind the unseen things really getting in the way from you doing the things you are meant for. Having the business and life you want and love without the pushing, trying or needing energy.

While there is an outline to the work I will do with you with you, it can change around based on your unique beautiful powerful soul.

There are three levels involved…

1. Uncover the blocks

Blocks and the level they are at whether its spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, or metabolic.

2. Clarity and clearing

Once we know their origin this is where we clear and up-level them to serve you for the greater good and in alignment with your soul essence.  Here you get to know who you are on a soul level, what attributes you have inside you, what you have come back to learn and what gifts and power you have available to harness from to live you biggest brightest self.

3. Integration

In order for the results to be lasting, they need to be integrated on a cellular level.  This is what creates lasting change where you have more serving and empowering patterns.  Here we integrate and align you to your soul essence, and create what wants to be created on a whole new level.

What is required from you to work at this level?


You need to step into the unknown.  To be open and available to get the most from our work together. I hold your hand and am there for you 100%, but you have to be willing to walk the path.

What’s involved?


You get access to me and my expertise for 6 weeks. This ensures you get to know and use the secret power of colour that mirrors back what is really going on behind your current life experience.  Here you learn life long useable tools to help you feel empowered during and after our work together.


We have a session every two weeks, and in between those sessions we connect via text or FB messenger.


I include first aid calls when needed so you keep moving through the process of change and enhancement. I go deep and so in order for this process to be joyful and free then there usually is a need to have this extra support so you can experience profound breakthroughs and transformations.


This prevents you getting stuck and instead has you in the energy of creation, where magic and synchronicity happens.


After these 6 weeks you will be back on the road to having more of what you want, more clarity about what that looks like on a soulful level and following the calling of your soul with your mind and heart in-tandem and like an orchestra you begin to play your own music!


Like I say this is an outline.  Sometimes the work I am called to do in these sessions is to create packages and pricing and have you in full alignment with your offering. 


Investment: €1,500.

Want to go further?

The first step to work on this level is a 1 hour Free Discovery Call so we can make sure this is what you need to take the leap you are being called forward to.  And also to make sure we are the right fit.

Marcia is a warm and friendly person who is amazingly intuitive and connected. She will not push you into a program that is not right for you and always has your best interests at heart.

I came across Marcia about a year before I decided to work with her. Last year I quit a well paying job in the business world to start up my own business as a complementary therapist. I had no client list and after a good few months had lost my direction in what I wanted to achieve with my work and felt so lost and isolated. I realise now that I went into things rather naively.

I started a 6 week 1-2-1 program with Marcia and within that time Marcia was always in contact following up with me. She went above and beyond in her follow up. The work we did was powerful, intense and exactly what I needed at the time to get me focused and back on track to help me know what I wanted to achieve and how I wanted to do it. I am now back to myself and have a clear focus on what I want to achieve in my career and have also taken the plunge into teaching workshops. I wanted to do this but was so full of fear before working with Marcia and now I am working on developing a diploma course to teach.

I know I am so lucky to have made the decision to work with Marcia and will definitely be working with her in the future. If you are thinking of working with Marcia book a call with her and see for yourself how amazing she is.