A Year to Clear What is Holding you back so you get to Live and Serve From Your Highest Potential.

Is this for you?

Are you at a point in your life and business where Enough is Enough? Have you tried the pushing, the doing, the making things happen and you are so over it?   But the thing is you don’t know another way.  You know you want this softer more feminine way, but you just can’t imagine how it could work if you weren’t forcing, doing and making this happen. You are not alone!

When You Live from Your Power All is Possible

What your feeling as that there has got to be an easier way is your soul calling out to rise into your Divine Feminine power so your Divine Masculine can be part of that too.

The thing is, is that we as sensitive, gifted spiritual women have become a slave to this subconscious pattern that makes a ‘struggle-free’ life and business impossible.

You set up your business with great intentions, it’s just that you have forgotten the importance of using your intuition and your spiritual team to help lead the way and from that place when the green energy says go you take action and it all comes flooding before you.


The work you will be doing is minding your energy, growing spiritually and letting yourself connect deep with your own inner truth and guidance. When you show up from that place you will feel nourished, grateful and connected and everything falls into place… the money, the clients, the impact, the time all falls into place without you doing anything.


Once you know and embody your own power you get to live life on 7th heaven with such joy and connection that you will wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. All that wasted energy of worrying, doubting and second guessing is gone and you feel so much freer and available for the good stuff.

I am giving you the opportunity to give yourself one year to allow this to be so in the container of Live from Your Power.

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Your Journey Starts Here…

This one year program combines Spiritual growth  and Business growth that is the game changer to living from a more centered, steady, connected, rich, wealthy and pleasurable place.  

You get to serve more authentically and consistently and harness your Divine Feminine power, activate your deep intuition, trust in it and in Divine Source and then follow the Divine Masculine aspect and take action from that place that has you easily fill your programs and get paid for the value your clients get when they work with you.


  • You will no longer make up pricing.
  • You will learn to tune into the energy and soul of your programs and packages and you will create the space to allow your clients to come to you.
  • We will have a quarterly spiritual and business strategy call where your Divine Management team and the soul of your business will direct us to what it wants to generate and where our attention and energy is to be directed.
  • You will get to know how you are wired on a soul level and get to know more about who you are and what works best for you.
  • You will get to be part of a sacred, loving, honouring space with like minded spiritual entrepreneurs who share the same love and desires for you, your dreams and your business as if it is their own.
  • And most importantly you will be taken care of.  
  • You will be at peace with yourself and never ‘should’ on yourself again.
This is likened to an apprenticeship where I show you how I show up in my business and life that has taken me to six figures and rising while also doing the inner work,  healing, keeping you in the high vibe, stabilizing you into your next level and connecting you with the truth of living as a woman where her needs are met, where pleasure is your new normal and where she has the wealth to decide for herself and make a difference by making a bigger impact. Know the work you do in this program is helping the collective. This program is intuitively led to meet your individual needs and that of the group.
It will be a natural unfoldment where you learn how to:
  • tune into the soul of your business
  • follow your intuition
  • In each moment read the energy that determines what you do or what decision you take about anything.
There is plenty of fun, a couple of kicks up the butt if needed, 😉 Motherly love, hugs, and space to BE YOU, and  I also cry with you too! You get 1-2-1 healing and strategy sessions, group calls and a beautiful retreat at the amazing luxurious Ballymaloe House where all costs, while you are with me, are covered so you feel so loved and looked after.

The requirement for you to be part of this unique powerful program is:

  • You are Spiritual, loving, honest, and have a generous spirit.
  • You are ready to increase your Spiritual and Divine Feminine power.
  • You feel this calling to do something bigger with your life.
  • You let go of your old story and create a new one.
  • You no longer want to push, try, or chase after what you want.
  • You are ready to TRUST, ALLOW and be WILLING to show up in a softer, compassionate and supportive way for you, your energy, your business and your life.
  • You no longer do for the sake of doing.
  • You commit to exchange working hard, playing hard, putting yourself out there for co-creating, allowing, trusting, leaning in, pausing and taking action based on your intuition.
  • You are READY for great things, and great people.
  • You want to fully Embrace 5D Consciousness and Living.
  • You are ready to raise your wealth consciousness to a whole new level.

Take Action Today

So Instead of fumbling around in the dark you can finally be held in a community of gifted spiritual women that have your back, hold you accountable to living completely in YOUR POWER in EVERY single area of your life! Your next step is to fill in the application and then we can book some time to speak with me.