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Are You Ready To Come On A Journey With No Return Ticket?

If you’re here, you have a deep understanding of Spiritual and personal development and growth. But despite what you know to be true you can’t seem to apply it in everyday life or experience the benefits of the truth you know. If you are reading this, then right now you are being commissioned to step into Your Soul Mission, Your Soul’s POWER and SERVE, and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in our World.

Are you…

A spiritual growth, personal development, meditation, and the Law of Attraction junkie? Wondering why you can’t seem to create the life experience you want? A powerful Co-Creator of your experience but it is just not happening! Ready step into your power as a Devine Feminine and Divine Masculine? Wanting to make money in exchange for your spiritual gifts and make a difference? At a point in your life where you are ready to say goodbye to LACK and STRUGGLE? You ready manifest greater love, joy and abundance in your life and business? Feeling stuck in your life and are ready to move towards your limitless potential?

I have created this program for


You Have Been Brought To This Page For A Reason

I have been commissioned to create this coaching program so I can help people like YOU, to be aligned to your birth right of Infinite Abundance that will not only enable you to fully experience your soul mission but have you LIVE a life of Freedom, Joy, Love and Inner and Outer Wealth.

Your body is the home of your soul, and just like a house is made of different rooms, you are made up of different rooms within your soul. Your soul lives in the room of your mind, your emotions, your beliefs, your past life history, your culture, your cosmic heart, meridians, cells and your Akashic records chamber.

I see so many people struggle who know all about self discovery, spirituality and self development but just don’t seem to be able to apply it. I know it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Inner Wealth Academy is the journey you have been looking for.

“What amazing time I have had over the past six months working alongside Marcia and all of you amazing ladies

All I can say is wow wow wow how so much has changed for me. At the start of this journey in the inner wealth alchemy I was all over the place in my business and couldn’t seem to get what my soul purpose was, had So much training and was lost with very little income from my business.

Well that all changed I got my soul purpose working with Spirit Animal Guides and soul alignment. I wrote my first online course, got my first article published, and I am working on other course at the moment, all that I could not have done with out the help of Marcia.

As for the retreat that was life changing for me I had huge realisation and healing. Marcia creates a safe, secure environment for you to let go and really see yourself and what needs to be Healed.

Since the retreat I have changed my business name (which I was guide to do with the help of Marcia and the ladies on the retreat)which has had a huge affect on my business the whole energy of my has changed and I am really stepping in to my own and I am loving every minute of it.

So as you can so much has changed I my life and I got the clients in to pay for this wonderful life changing experience before the 6 months were over and I am know stepping in to the live from your power with Marcia and can’t wait to see how the next 12 months unfold.”

Much love Sharon

In my academy, you will unlock six steps to help you live a healthier, wealthier, and more complete life.

Level 1


Level 2


Level 3


Level 4


Level 5

Soul and Spirit

Level 6

Money and Spirituality

Learn to live from a place of a soul being daily

  • This coaching program is designed for spiritually aware entrepreneurs wishing to once and for all make a living from their soul mission work and are ready to attract new experiences.
  • This program is about change and transformation. This program is about connecting with the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.
  • I will show and help you powerfully discover, clear, heal and transform any negative blocks that are limiting you at a Soul-level, so you can experience a profound transformation in your life experiences.
  • This will filter in to your business, as you begin to attract new more clients and more favourable experiences.
  • You will be able to break through to a new level of spiritual growth, evolution and way of being. It‘s from this place of BEING, where magic unfolds which is what Spirituality is all about as you live on this physical plane.
  • You will be living from a Soul Level on the Earth Plane. And discover and become aware of much more than what you currently see. This is likened to living life on the ground floor and being taken to the 10th floor where your view and reach is far more empowering and enjoyable.

The Inner Wealth Alchemy Academy is an online program blended with Live Healing and Q&A Video Calls Created To Transform Your Life!



In this level, we will be working on the body. The body is likened to a house, it homes our soul and holds our memories, so we are going to explore what is being held in the body, and we are going to clear, lift, revive and lighten the body and in turn lighten your load of generational stories.

To easily cleanse, clear and ground you so you are STRONG, LIGHT and BALANCED in everyday life.

  • Art Therapy
  • Colour Healing Tools & Techniques, Energy Clearing,
  • Space Clearing
  • Focused Meditations
  •  Natural Empowering tools

At the end of Level One




How we think, what our beliefs are, and where they originate from are essential to living a wealthy, happy and fulfilling life. This aspect of us has a huge impact, as thoughts are energy, thoughts are things and they send out messages to the Universe and we get an exact match back.

What is different in the way I work is I will introduce you to ways to honour your current feelings, explore their origins, transform them energetically on a cellular level so you can set focused positive intentions and use positive language, much more easily and for the long term, using colour as an aid, an ancient secret language that tells you all you need to know.

At the end of Level Two




This month is where you will move from being led by your emotions to living through consciousness. This is where magic really takes off, living life with a sense of joy, curiosity, excitement, and much more FLOW. Colour energy, crystals, visualisations and colour exercises will be part of this month.

At the end of Level Three

You will feel a great RELEASE AND SENSE OF POWER.



Everything goes through the heart, so here we will explore the heart and ensure that you are fully open to LOVE, to receiving the great abundance the Universe has waiting for you to fulfill your hearts desires. Your heart is going to feel younger after this month.

The Heart is the electric current that drives everything spiritually and physically. Here we will be working with meditations, colour clearing tools and colour healing tools. After this month you will have an openness and know what Divine Love IS. This enables you to self love, attract a new love or expand and grow your current love story.

At the end of Level Four

You will now what it means to love, honour and accept yourself…



Here you are going to get to know your very own unique Soul Colour Blueprint, you will receive a soul colour alignment, and you will be introduced to your Soul’s spirit guides, angels and ascended masters. You will be introduced to your Akashic records and we will heal any patterns that could be coming from this book of your spiritual life that could be playing out in your present life.

At the end of Level Five

You will feel fully aligned, expansive and have a sense of wholeness at the end of this month.



As Money is a key essence to feeling happy because it gives freedom TO DO, BE and HAVE whatever you want. We are going to look at the spiritual aspects of money and the physical aspects of money and how you can embody both sides and harness this spiritual tool and inner wealth activator channeled to me, so money flows in, out and around you.

At the end of Level Six

 You will learn how to blend spirituality with money. You will feel ‘in the money’!

To aid and empower your progress through my Inner Wealth Academy I am also gifting you some amazing bonus support systems including one to one support with me!

Bonus 1 - Twelve Live Calls (€2,997)
Two monthly live calls to experience the power of each monthly intention, round table coaching and healing for new moon call and hotseat healing on full moon.
Soul Essence Support (€150)
soul-essence-support Personalised Soul Essences to accompany you each month so each month you are supported energetically. These essences are soul essences and will be chosen to journey with you so you can fully step in to your power as an unlimited abundant powerful Divine Feminine.
Bonus 5 - one private 1 hour coaching (value €500)

I am gifting you this session so at the very beginning we can uncover where you are on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic and spiritual level. Here you will get to know the known and unknown blocks using a diagnostic colour tool which reveals what colour and complementary colour you need to bring you back to a state of harmony.

This Bonus Is Only Available To Those Who Pay In Full

Bonus 7 - Entrepreneur energy package and pricing thermometer (value €1,000)

This is where you get the opportunity to learn how to tune into your own packages and determine the pricing using energy, spiritual intervention. This is invaluable for any business and will change your results dramatically.

Bonus 2 - A Sacred Space Online (€1000)

A private sacred Facebook Group to journey and be supported by like minded loving spiitual Divine Feminine Women just like you. This is your sacred haven.

With Intuitive Facebook Live Sessions!

Bonus 4 - Inner Wealth Activator Program (€297)

A 7 Day Video Course to change your Money Story in 7 Days.


  •  Reveals to you the real reason why money isn’t coming into your life in abundance.
  •  Puts you in the right energetic state to prepare you to activate your unique wealth activator via video access.
  •  Shows you that sometimes its not about what you thought it was, but something profoundly different.
  •  Enables you to deal with your money block once and for all and you will be amazed how you feel both energetically, emotionally and physically.
  •  Explores simple yet profound colour techniques that reveals what is at the heart of your money life experience.
  •  Introduce you and ACTIVATE your very own Money Wealth Activator.

You are supported by me and get access to a group of spiritually gifted entrepreneurs in the dedicated Facebook group where I answer your questions and assists you with daily Facebook Live Q&A and healing sessions that are intuitively led.

This course has had participants make anything from €1,500 to €10,000 in 1 week!!!!

Bonus 6 - Colour meditations and visualisations (€299)

You get access to colour meditations that are life changing.

Different colours for different levels of consciousness and different ways of being, so you can use these and raise your vibration any time you need to.

These are healing mediations that transform you on a cellular level.

Total Bonus Value - €6,243
Each bonus is designed to support you through this life changing academy. For more details book a call with me.

I have worked with Marcia on a couple of occasions previously and followed her on FB for a quite some time and so when the opportunity came up for me to join her Academy I was so excited and jumped at the chance.

I did not really know what to expect but have been blown away at how far I and my fellow academy members have come. I have made huge strides forwards on my journey with Marcia. It has been uncomfortably intense at times but Marcia has always been there holding a virtual hand out to guide me through as I explored my challenges.

Marcia is beyond generous with her time, will never cut a session short because it is getting late and is a truly gifted alchemist who guides us through our experiences and out the other side with such grace and love. The Academy requires each of us to show up and support each other which has been so easy with our wonderful group. It has never been hard work but can be time consuming at times so be prepared to dedicate time and energy to the Academy! You will not be disappointed.

 I still have 2 months left until the end of this course and am so excited to see what the universe has in store for us all. I have found a supportive, safe place with the most amazing group of powerful, gracious, intuitive women who care deeply about each other. There is nothing that we cannot explore in the space that Marcia has created; and that in its self is an extremely special gift.

Thank you, Marcia, for the Academy – a truly life changing course.

Nicola Waite

Why Join?

You Owe It To Yourself!
Because YOUR TIME IS NOW! There is a great sense of urgency for you to be living your life purpose and making a difference TODAY.
You have been commissioned to serve and use your innate gifts to help those you are contracted energetcially to serve and you can’t put this off any longer.
Because you deserve to live a happy wealthy life and its your birth right.
This Program will Pay For Itself Within Weeks And Can Multiply Your Abundance Many Times Over