This circle is one of a kind.

Based on principles of love, support, presence, being with our own truth, stepping fully into your power and be the person you came here to be and do what you came here to do. A CONTAINER OF MAGIC, MANIFESTATION, FAIRIES, ANGELS, GOD, MOTHER EARTH AND A DEEP CONNECTION WITH SELF IS PRESENT. A container where you connect with the truth and wisdom of Golden Atlantis, where The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in each person was honoured, respected and loved. There is an Activation of this consciousness, that you are fully aligned to and are enabled to pass on to those your work and connect with. This container is where you get to BE THE PERSON YOU CAME HERE TO BE. TO DO THE WORK YOU CAME HERE TO DO. AND EXCHANGE PLAYING SMALL FOR PLAYING BIG.

Join Us for Life Changing Results


Are you ready to join us?

Are you tired of the pushing, and hard work and are longing for a more wondrous magical and radiant feminine way of being? Do you find your conditioning of putting others needs first is holding you back from your full potential? Have you been feeling for a while that the old way just isn’t working for you? Are you wishing to be surrounded by like minded loving, spiritual successful entrepreneurs who get what spiritual sensitivity means? Do you wish you could do for yourself what you do for your clients? There’s a part of you that knows deep down the doing and the pushing isn’t really going to take you where you want to go, but this fear of missing out and not knowing another way is keeping you in that hamster wheel despite you knowing deep down there is another softer, nourishing way of doing and being.  

If you are done denying ‘Who You Really Are’ and tired of settling for less then I have an invitation for you…

I invite you to embody your passion and purpose, to lean back and soften into your natural abundance and say YES to your highest calling and full abundance with me as your guide, confidante, and advisor over the course of the next 6 months.

Join me for a life changing journey. Experience personal mentoring, support and a mentoring opportunity unlike any other in beautiful environments and virtually with frequent meet ups via the latest and most interactive virtual meetings.
I have seen that we are in brand era and the old ways, old conditioning just don’t fit anymore. I know that the results and ways to enrich your life, your business, your relationships and wealth are 80% inner game and vibration and 20% action. There is an easier, joyful, fuller and magical way where you feel you are dancing to the music of life with rhythm, style, finesse, beauty and oh oodles of magic. In the stress and hustle and bustle of business and everyday life do you miss or ignore the signs calling you to uncover the true essence of your self and the higher purpose for your gifts? These times on the planet require us to adapt, evolve and let go of the ‘old ways’ of doing things. The old beliefs, stories, shame and doubt that kept us small and stuck.
Your chance to live by the rules of your soul’s infinite potentiality is here. It requires us all to step up, show up and stand up from a place of love, peace, joy, love and connectedness with Spirit, Mother Earth and respond to the call of your soul, and meet your deepest needs and desires. This is accomplished through transformation, and the spiritual nourishment, and love necessary to hear and connect with our inner guidance and guides. It is Time to be empowered; Financially, Energetically, within ourselves, our Relationships, Businesses, and Wellbeing. Together we will take a journey of a lifetime that will allow you to celebrate your femininity, connect with the deepest parts of you, make a difference and claim all of your magnificence, and go after those dreams you have whispered and told yourself when….. when I will have more time, when the kids are older, when I have more money.

There is no time for waiting the world needs your presence TODAY.

If you are ready to love your full potential without the blocks, the stories and playing small then The Ascension Circle could be your next step. Where you are lifted into where you are meant to be. Where you claim what you want. Be Enriched on a soul level and are ushered into your destiny.
This would require you to own and step into your power by commanding the life and business you deeply desire. By growing your business you will be serving more people, raise your vibration and contribute to the collective consciousness so we can have a heaven on earth. This is totally possible if each person lets go of their story, fears, excuses, old belief systems, and consciously walk away from struggle. I want you to know that each person can intentionally choose ease, abundance, love, and connectedness. It requires embracing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Power within and rise to the challenge of going big, having more and stepping fully into your life purpose and mission. Part of this mission is a souls calling to bring down pure light consciousness and wisdom from Golden Atlantis, the purest consciousness, where all was one and one was all. Where there was a place of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine and each side was honoured. Where there was no one better or worse than anybody, where there was no right or wrong it just was. Life was lived with a connectedness to the Divine. This consciousness will be brought down by 6 women where I will be leading them to the bridge of light and they will carry and pass this on to where they live and who they connect with.

If this sounds like you, where you have this urge deep inside to IGNITE fast spiritual growth, and are ready to exchange playing small for playing big in all areas of your life and your business, then let’s explore further.

Just one more thing you need to know – This is not for the faint hearted and doesn’t work around pushing, forcing, or ‘getting on with it’. It is based on principles of love, support, presence, being with our own truth, stepping fully into your power and be the person you came here to be and do what you came here to do. It is about building deep trust within you, your soul and the Divine and living from a place of flow, joy and abundance. It is about enriching your life and those of your loved ones and your clients and releasing once and for all conditioning, patterns and beliefs that are keeping you small, and attached to the old paradaigm of lack and separation. It is about being SUPPORTED. A key essence to having success in all areas of your life and claiming what you want.

In this space, you can expect love, support, and the following…

Luxury Retreat… Meet me in Ballymaloe House, East Cork and receive the luxury experience of a few days R&R.

As you luxuriate in the gorgeous surroundings and open countryside views you’ll be getting crystal clear on your desires, expanding your horizons, and igniting your potential and spiritual growth. We’ll go deep into where you are, where you are going and you’ll receive the time, space and support to go to your next level of where your soul is calling you forward in a highly creative and transformative way.

Live Calls

We will meet twice a month as a group on both the New & Full Moon for you to take the leaps you need to take, remove the blocks, and set yourself free and set intentions, celebrate, liberate and learn colour therapy tools, techniques, and soulful wisdom and receive ongoing support. This time is for your inner & outer game issues, ongoing strategy, business tools to help you maximize opportunities- and any other unforeseen things you can’t predict! It is also where we clear and discuss challenges/blocks for practical and emotional solutions, practical advice, etc. You will receive intuitive and compassionate support in all areas, especially your business and energy. Put you in the right energetic state to prepare you to activate your unique wealth activator via video access.

The community

I am a big believer that new paradigm success is about being and being seen as your true self and allowing your highest self to emerge and be present. You are the sum of the 5 people you hang around with most. You are going to be surrounded high vibe ladies, who are spiritually gifted and are going places in the world of personal and spiritual development. By experiencing the power of the collective group support where when one rises you rise too, where there is encouragement for you to show up fully and overcome your challenges, as well as share and celebrate your successes you will be enabled to make quantum leaps in your life with so much more ease. There is a default for each person, such as struggle, overwhelm, hiding, fear, procrastination, this I see and take you out of this and neutralize it until you don’t have this charged. In a group, the birthing canal seal is already broken and so collectively you can rise higher and with greater ease. This is invaluable!! In an intimate group, where you will be held, treasured and seen by an exclusive inspiring group of no more than 6 soul-sisters who are as bright, creative, loving and powerful as you are!

One to one calls

As you are unique you and I will have two calls each month together, where we can dig deep with what is going on for you and keep you moving in the right direction and set clear intentions and divine plans on what is needed to take you to the next step.

Support and snaps from our last retreat

All that Marcia O’regan creates stems from a cord of absolute authenticity. Her in-depth ability to live in the moment is an inspiration. Thus, before attending The Ascension Circle retreat at Ballymaloe house in Cork I felt excited and confident that it was to be a transformational 48 hours together. I felt that each of our needs and lives were attended to with balance. We worked through a variety of different Ascension aspects, as a group and individually, yet always with the collective in mind. Ballymaloe House is a magical place. With beautiful gardens and outbuildings it truly feels as though the space was created for spiritual work. The food is excellent as is the service provided. We all felt nourished and looked after to the max. Due to the beauty of the ‘Unknown’ element running through the retreat I feel this is the perfect dynamic for those Souls looking to dive deep into what the Universe has to offer. Trust. Surrender. Open up.
Dilara Pataudi