WhiteGraphic1 Looking for a clean slate? Look to white if you want to put heartache behind and confront the situations that are bringing you down, the old worn out stuff that was so yesterday and is no longer serving you. White is a great colour to support you through this process. Just as white contains all the colours of the spectrum, it also has the solutions to all the ills, aches and pains of life. It is the blank page that contains all possibilities, so you can start afresh once you commit to it. Allow white light to wash everything clean, to clear the decks and bring you into a place of lightness, brightness and purity that will render you alive and ready. White wipes away mistakes and mishaps so you can start anew. It is a colour that is gentle yet powerful, not bogged down with emotion. It gets to the task in hand, to the core of the issue and then moves on. If you are looking to move on then give white a try. Wear this colour, feel it against your skin, let it clear and cleanse your energy, your mind and spirit. White has the capacity to penetrate dark corners and wash away sorrow and sadness, making things clean. It is purifying for the body, the mind and soul. It has four main functions:Clear negativity and obstacles away; visualize white light entering your space, or enveloping you and ask that it clears all negative energy in all corners of the room or to clear you, to clear any obstacles in your life or in your energy. Give thanks when this is done. Observe your energy. ● Start a fresh beginning; wear this colour and affirm ‘Today with white I start afresh’ ● Bring about mental clarity; see your mind as a room and let the white light enter to clear it and uplift you. ● Purify your thoughts or actions with white; Look at the picture and affirm this white light dispels all levels of negative thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions that are keeping me from shining my true light. Drawn to this colour Being drawn to white can signify white washing, hiding the truth or being too careful, and not a risk taker. Are you afraid of making a mistake? Do you fight an urge to know? I have learnt that you can only learn by doing, so don’t wait any longer. There is no such thing as a mistake anyway, that’s a judgment. It is time to purify and cleanse you and your life. This colour is a good one to use in times of stress and strain. White is expansive and creative. Use white to restore you back to your true light. Beautiful, Infinite, powerful and pure light! THIS COLOUR WILL HELP YOU LIGHT UP THE WORLD. Colour Affirmations ● With white I am free to be ME! ● My body, mind and soul is washed clear and clean with white light so I go free to be plenty ● I ask that the white light of my Higher Self shines around and through me. All of my affairs are surrounded by the white light ● I surrender every harmful thought, false belief, and negative emotion that has found its way into my body and mind to the Divine White Light ● I cleanse my energy with beams of white light, so I radiate love, light and joy. If you would like to tap into into how White can personally work for you, then lets set up a 30 minute discovery session, click here to access my diary.