Photo from Complementary Therapist Shropshire

Colour counselling/coaching is a fabulous way of getting you to understand where you are at and actually works with the colour that’s needed to help you not only heal and shift from where you are at, but also to help heal and support you. Colour will also help you when you are stressed, are going through trauma or a difficult stage in life and are in need of support or if you are simply feeling stuck. Colour enhances your life taking you to a place of your true potential. While it is important to talk and discuss what is going on in your life in order to change things, or take you and your life to the next level, it is just as important to deal with the energy of whatever is happening for you in your life. This brings in a wholistic approach and is where best results for coach and client are achieved.   My vision is that coaches and counsellors will add colour to their set of skills and expertise because by adding colour as a complementary technique they would not only help their clients with the underlying issues but also heal them. You see in order for something to heal and change it needs to be first dealt with in the energetic field and then you will see the changes in your physical body and physical world. Colour therapy is a self help therapy and a recognised form of complementary medicine that combines colour psychology and spiritual healing.   It is for this reason colour counseling/coaching is so effective in times of stress, trauma or at a difficult stage in life, because you not only get a chance to discuss in confidence what you are going through, but in addition you get a really good insight into what lies beneath. How colour reveals what lies beneath is through the colour meaning and psychological message of the colour or colours you choose or need via your colour choice or by using various diagnostic tools such as the colour spine chart diagnostic tool.  

Photo by Di Mackey

If you came to me for coaching/counselling, after a detailed chat, I would work with you and your desired colours or colour that you need, to help, support, heal and shift you to a better place. And I would also give you a colour reading so you understand what the colour message is for you. Then I would work with your colour(s) in the form of placing the coloured lights on your body for a certain period of time, hands on healing, coloured scarves or crystals, it all depends on your own personal needs.   The key benefit here is that you get to talk and discuss,and are listened to, while also working on the colour energy of what you are experiencing.   This is why colour counselling or colour healing is so effective because everything is energy – emotions, thoughts and feelings are energy, colour is energy, me humans are energy, and so you get to work on all elements of your being.   As a colour therapist I am very aware of my daily colour choice which tells me where I am at, as well as what colours to wear to help me during my day or what crystal is needed to give me the strength to deal with what life throws. Colour has supported me and given me the strength to deal with whatever turns up in my life, good and bad.   Colour supports you when you need support. The different colour vibrations and rays touches you on different levels depending on the colour needed. For example pink gently and softly opening up your heart and you feel that Motherly loving and caring feeling from the pink ray.   It is good for stress related conditions, where a positive frame of mind is needed to combat illness, a trauma, situation or help make a full recovery from a physical illness. Once you are able to resolve the stresses in your life the resulting psychosomatic symptoms will disappear and you will also find that not only you feel better but you will see your life change and enhance in a way that you couldn’t imagine.   So just to get a taster of how colour can impact you, go now to my colour meaning page and choose a colour you feel drawn to as a starting point and work with that colour for three days, by wearing that colour, visualising yourself being enveloped in that colour, go draw a picture with your colour choice and see the opening and magic that unfolds. Until next week. Joyfully, Marcia x