Stop_ Surrender_ Listen. (1)As we are half way through 2015, I feel a sense of contentment and change inside me and around me. Recently I have gone through what I can only describe as a rebirth, where I really felt my body shut down and I was forced to take care of me. I had to rest, recuperate, and regenerate, just like when you download a new programme in a computer you have to either shut it down or click restart. Well this is what I feel happened for me and I have decided to extend this time out over the summer and see what happens. Why I say FOR ME, it really is about that. You see as a Mother of three under 4 ½ years, serving and supporting my clients through their own transformation, tending to the household needs, then I forgot about tending to me, until one day like a flash, I realized I was like a car with no petrol and so the only solution was to stop. The funny thing is once I stopped, surrendered and did nothing then something happened which I didn’t expect. It was like the Universe was waiting on the side lines all this time and when I came off the stage then they could play the music. My FB page had 8 new likes in a day, a post which I posted a few weeks previously, alerted me to reaching 1,000 people and I did nothing. This made me laugh, the Universe had my back and were having a good aul belly laugh. Other amazing thinks started to happen, lovely friends sent me loving energy, calls to see how I was doing, with messages saying they expect nothing in return, just a message to say they were sending love and energy and one friend gifted me with a weekend in London so I could indulge. And the difference is that I accepted, and received and filled myself up with all this greatness, this goodness. So why am I sharing this with you? Well just in case you are either in the same boat or are thinking things aren’t going according to plan, then I urge you to surrender, allow and consider allowing the summer time to be your time, to rest, relax and regenerate under the summer sun and for those down under where its winter than use this time to hibernate just like the animals, and do the same. We have been brought up being told that we must work hard, be doing, and in fact I have found in the last few weeks, it’s the opposite. It’s following those creative hunches and letting you and your dreams and your life be taken care of by a higher force. It’s there just like electricity, we just need to plug into this space of potentiality, and swim in the vast sea of energy that is in charge of everything. It’s like being in a sky scraper building, the higher you go the more you see, and actually the less attached and needy you become to the ground floor, to the outcome, the better. Just like a baby who never worries where its next meal or hug comes from, it trusts, just like when we were in the womb we didn’t worry about how our bodies would grow and how we would enter the world, it was all taken care of. What if our life experience was based on this idea, what if you said this to yourself as often as you can ‘what would my life look like if I wasn’t so busy, or what if my business was a success, or what would my life look like if I have what I dream of having now?’. Just try it there and see how it makes you feel. Leave a comment below and share what you get. Life is meant to be lived, enjoyed, experienced, not to be a struggle. It’s our association with what is going on in our life that creates the life we experience. magenta2 I noticed during this time that I couldn’t get enough of magenta, I could eat it, I needed to indulge in it, I was clothed in magenta from head to toe. This did many things for me, it told me of my need to be nurtured and to nurture and nourish myself, for self-love and self-care and the need to change. So I listened to its message and I let it feed me, my soul, my being. So I would ask you to be mindful of where you are at, and what colour you are being drawn to and follow its wisdom and message and see where it leads you. You can find the colour meaning over on my discover colour page, click here for direct access. I would love to hear your thoughts or comments.