Having just completed the first weekend of the Transformational Colour Program I feel compelled to write about what makes the difference between taking action or not.

So often I hear people saying YES YES they really want to change things, but when it comes to commitment time they push back and put it on the long finger. Each year they say this year will be different.

But how can it be when they more or less keep doing the same things? And so time goes by and before they know it ten years have passed and panic sets in. They feel they are running out of time to have and do the things they dream of.

So I began to wonder what is it that makes the difference between those who do something about their lives and those who want to yet can’t seem to say YES and just do it. I found that SELF-CONFIDENCE and COURAGE have a big part to play in whether a person takes action and embraces change or not. According to the Oxford dictionary “Self-Confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment”. Courage is closely linked to confidence. and is defined as “The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery”.

So if you have self-confidence and exude confidence you automatically have courage and decisions in life and options become easier. This has a knock on effect on the reality you experience. You feel a whole lot better and vibrate a total different energy.

As me worked on SELF-CONFIDENCE on day 2 of the transformational colour program this weekend, I could actually see physical differences in the participants from before and after the exercises. The colouring in their faces changed, eyes became brighter and they even held themselves differently. They reported instantly feeling the difference both physically and emotionally. I felt warmth in my heart and privileged that they had placed confidence in me to take them through this personal journey. They felt safe and supported enough to open themselves up to truly embrace the work me did over the three days. I have that same proud feeling for these girls, as I do for my brother who recently realised his dream of becoming a pilot.

They tapped into confidence when they said YES to this program, and committed to attending six weekends over four months. So you see confidence has a big part to play in whether you do something or not, because if you don’t have the confidence then you can’t take the steps that are needed for you to experience something different. You remain where you are. And that’s a real shame.

So if you are looking to change things then let me help you increase your confidence in order for you to implement change or attend to something you’ve been putting off. All you need to do is drop me an email,, and I will send you an audio recording where you can work with a colourful technique I developed while simultaneously working with the yellow ray associated with confidence. I look forward to hearing from you.