What is your colour of loveThis Valentines got me thinking about the kind of world I want to live in.  I want to live in a world where love is the core to life, where everyone wakes up with a loving feeling as they are surrounded by all they love. Where it is natural for everyone to work in jobs they love to do. They love and accept themselves totally and completely. Each day there is an expression of love, a gesture of love, the energy of love is our natural state of being. Love is one of my core values and so it comes as no surprise that my favourite films are Love Actually, and The Holiday. What would our world look like if love was what we connected with and lived by? I’m tired of people believing the stories they are telling themselves why they can’t have the love they desire, or do what would love to do. It saddens me when I see people not being able move forward with their dreams, because ‘they think they can’t’ or they can’t even explain what their dreams are, they haven’t the time to really reflect and connect with what really matters. I hear a lot I would love to do that but, not now, when this or that happens, when I have more money. And so the days, months and years pass and they are still telling themselves that story. My question is why not now? Now is all we have, the past is gone, the future isn’t here yet, all we have is now. What would life look like if you and everyone else stopped putting things off, stopped doing what’s not aligned to you, and instead do what you love to do? This is one of the main reasons that I created The Academy Of Colour Coaching and Healing Program, to ultimately show you the true power of colour and how it will have you being and doing more of what you love. Where you will be in a position to take what you have done for yourself and do the same for others. I only take up to 10 people so I can give each person the time to blossom in the spirit of love, colour and light. The essence of colour is love, colour is an energy and while the red or pink colours are traditionally associated with love, the other colours also have their own version of love. Reds expression of love is in passion. Pink is softer in its expression of love, a more gentle feminine form of love. The Orange ray’s version of love is creativity.  You can’t beat the feeling of being in creative flow. The Yellow version of love is confidence, where you feel the world is your oyster and positive energy flows. Green’s expression of love is to heal and soothe your being and is expressed very much in nature.  The feeling of running in the green fields, or walking in the forest alone is centering and sparks love inside you. Turquoise love is transcribed in the way she brings in feelings of tenderness that all will be ok, you are being taken care of. Blue’s variation of love is freedom, looking up at a blue sky is one of the most liberating and beautiful feelings. Indigo translation of love is to have us connected with our intuition.  Guidance using your intuition will have you connect with the real magic and synchronicity of life. Violet’s delivery of love makes you feel special and worthy.  When you are connected spiritually it fills the voids of the materialistic world. Gold’s definition of love comes in the warmth and riches it can align you to. White’s declaration of love, wipes the slate clean to give you permission for you to start all over. You see my programs foundation is love, created out a love of colour and a love for helping people like you and if I was to strip back colour back to basics its essence is Divine Love. This is the vibration you would get to work with and the reason it is so transformational and why healing occurs on a deep level at the speed of light. But if you don’t know its essence, language and healing properties, you are missing out on a big aspect that can have one feel whole and complete from the inside out. And this means a level of wholeness emerging that is truly magical. Everything we see and have in our life originates in the energetic layer first, so if we can detect what wants to emerge earlier on, then we save ourselves a lot of heartache and time. What makes this program different to all the other courses, programs and healing courses out there is its completeness. You have a stand alone therapy as well as a colour palette of tools to use to enhance other coaching and healing practices. We come from a place of love, and the wholistic approach used and the personal attention I personally give you is unbeatable. I am with you every step of the way just like a midwife is when it comes to birthing a baby. We are not just one aspect, we are an array of many different colours that is birthed from the essence of our being LOVE. So if you would like to explore the option of being considered for being one of 10 in this 6 month program, I would love for us to chat. Click here to book a 30 minute call to explore some more, and see what your own unique expression of love is. This program begins in March, and won’t be open again for another year … So take action “NOW! There is no better time than the HERE and NOW. Schedule our chat today by clicking here. With all my love