When I was first given this name Live from your power I had no idea just how powerful, significant and life changing this one line would be for me and for my clients. There are so many levels and aspects to this I have decided to dedicate the next 6 weeks to share the wisdom, experience and knowledge on just what this means. This knowledge has been channeled to me and I have followed each instruction and experience first hand what it means to live from your power, and I continue to do so. My intention is that this will enable you to reflect on what living from your power as a woman means to you and that as you read the words something awakens within you. In this week’s wisdom I am going to share with you a little background and the BIGGY, the cornerstone that is required to fully living from your power. It came to me after I did a closing ceremony of the Inner Wealth Alchemy Academy (where participants left fully acknowledging and believing in themselves, and deeply entwined with their soul mission.) On the same day I did an opening ceremony of the ‘Live from your power container’, where I am guiding advanced spiritual and personal development business owners who are living from their power so they no longer work in their business but instead master the full power of what it means to being a Divine Feminine Woman, activating and creating a magical life and business from that place where they are filled with beauty, wealth and limitless vision. Over many many centuries we as women were told in society, culture and religion that we were child bearers, carers, sacrificers and our bodies were not our property but was the property of men. Divine Feminine power was buried and we were left feeling insecure, not good enough, striving, sacrificing, and doubting the very power that lies within us as women. The male way was the superior way that caused women to think the only way ahead was to act like men. It kinda became a survival mechanism. Leading to trying, pushing, following only what your head says, being limited by what you see, working hard, playing hard and sacrificing so much of what it means to be a woman. This is NOT Living from our power as women, a Divine Feminine Woman. It has been this way for so long that it is engrained in the psyche. To get out of this engrained conditioning here is the BIGGY that came to me…. There are two keys essentially required to get back into living from your true power. TRUST and LOVE. live-from-your-power-love-always-trusts-coaching TRUST at the beginning has to be relearned because we have to connect back in our own essence, soul and unique inner guide and signal. When you trust yourself, your inner guidance, your intuition, inner feelings and the Divine, you understand that the known and the unknown are the same! LOVE – Unconditional love. Leading with love at all times. That is loving ourselves, loving what we do, loving our life, loving our clients. Each time coming back to love. This love also gives me this deep feeling of gratitude and humbleness that is touching, delicate and honouring. Arriving at this place is freeing and there is a sense of relief. To get to that place it requires going within and rediscovering the true essence of being a Divine Feminine Woman. As women we are diverse, flexible, varied, wise, powerful, loving, intuitive, magical, creative, cyclical, potent, multi faceted, spiritual, connected, complex, vulnerable, generous, kind, compassionate, strong, courageous, brave, visionary, leaders, and creators with super natural powers. We are deeply connected to cycles, our own cycles, the cycles of the moon, cycles of life, and so in tune with nature. This is what it means to live from your true power as a Divine Feminine Power. Stay tuned next week where I will be taking this a step deeper. I would love to hear your thoughts on what came up for you as you read this and to know what your idea of living from your power is. Comment below, I read every message.