March is here and it brings us a fresh start. The colour for March 2017 is golden yellow. You have the permission to press that reset button and start all over again. To go for what you really want, that big uncomfortable wish that you would absolutely love to come to fruition. Golden yellow is here to help you stand into your power, own it and be present in it. This power is the Divine Feminine Power. The kind of power that gives you strength. A lovely grounded connected feeling and a great sense of self belief, nourishment and unconditional love. Yes this is the month where you get to say I CAN DO IT. This is the month where three months into 2017 it feels like a new year. In fact I feel it is this month that the red energy of 2017 is finally in full flow. Fueling the yellow vibration of this month and bringing things to life. Nature is our greatest teacher and if you look up at sun it shines and glows and very much makes its presence felt as it knows that it brings light to one and all. This month we are being encouraged to look within, bring out our own light from behind the clouds. Looking at the picture above and seeing that sun shine glow you can’t but help feel good. The warmth, the smiles, the joy and the brightness around when the sun is out is lovely to watch. Harness the golden yellow this month and I want you to ask yourself this question. What would I be doing is I believe I can do it? Then go and make this happen with the support of March energy. March will give you a spring in your step and help you make things happen. Already I have seen the evenings are getting brighter, and there is a lovely crisp feeling in the air where you just feel the energy revive you. Ride of the golden yellow and lets bring your dreams to life. You are being encouraged to trust yourself more, ask for more, be more, all from a place of being in your power. This means you don’t have to ask for anyone’s opinion because you know as you tap into your inner guidance, or from the excitement that you feel when you think of doing something. This month is lighter, you can start to take a breather and acknowledge where you have come and all the accomplishments you have made so far. Well done you! If you have been thinking you are ready to fully own your power and would love some support with that so you can really start living your soul mission and really harness the energy of March to make your mark and change in the world, then I am offering three free discovery calls. Click here to apply, and I will get back to you in 48 hours.