Currently people are going through big life changes whether it’s voluntary or involuntary. This is all part of the Divine Plan where me all start living our own life purpose and bring out the true unique essence me all have. Remember there is only one you, so the role that you are here to play can only be played by you. As humans me don’t really like change, especially when our circumstances force I to do so, making I look inside and question how me do things, where me are in life and where our heart and soul wants I to go. But change gives you a new perspective, it gets you to let go of what no longer serves you, so you have space for new, fresh ideas, experiences, feelings and more magic to enter your life.   Colour is a great way to support, help and guide you through this process. So in this blog I am going to share with you a couple of colours that can help you make the most of this energy and allow you to shine your true light outwards sooner rather than later.

Picture by Magda Wojtyra

MAGENTA is a colour associated with change, this colour will nurture your mind, body and spirit. Looking at magenta you get its richness and depth. This colour has a sense of warmth and comfort about it, gently encouraging you on your way, like most Mothers do for their children. Maybe this is why this colour reminds me of Mothers, where they love, support, encourage, teach, inspire and support you no matter what. When it came for me to fly the nest and an opportunity came to go to London at the age of 19, my Mothers’ words were “go and give it a go and if you don’t like it you can always come back”, and since then I have never looked back, and from this point I started to shine and be my own light, exploring and finding my way to realise my dreams and strengthen my spirit. And this is what magenta tells you, in such a supportive, loving way. And this is magentas message to you too.   This colour is all about Divine Love, change for your highest good and highest purpose, helps you in letting go of the old, so the new can come in and will spur you to take the action needed to make the necessary changes in your life, so things can be different. The reason being, is it is made up of the red ray associated with action, passion, love, strength, determination and leadership, and the violet ray added to red to make magenta, tones the overpowering ray down, by bringing in the spiritual ray, so you get to see the magical experiences that were there all the time for you but you didn’t see them. This ray which contributes to magentas make up, allows you to connect to the spiritual side of you guiding you to your soul’s purpose and journey.   After all nothing changes if me always did the things me always have. If you are a business owner or are thinking of running your own business, have this colour around you. You can work with this colour by having flowers in this colour or paint a wall or have a painting in this colour so you connect with this colour. You can also carry a crystal stone with you or have it somewhere where you see it. A good crystal choice for the magenta ray is Rhodochrosite. You can even paint your nails in this colour. Mac has a great magenta nail varnish on their shelves at the moment.

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Change leads to new beginnings, so the colour to spark new beginnings or to encourage you to do something new is LIME GREEN. This colour is such a refreshing colour and gives you a spring in your step, a sense of hope and encouragement. This colour contains yellow in it, so you get the clarity about life and about what you want to do and where you want to go, so you can start anew. The yellow influence in lime green will give you a fresh outlook and attract new ideas and opportunities to you. Lime green gives you hope, relief and energy to make things happen. A great colour to help you manifest your hearts desires. You could consider buying a lime green crystal stone, such as Jade, green garnet or fluorite.   This colour inspires you to try new things by initiating change. Lime Green is actually the complementary colour of magenta, so you could actually bring in these two colours during your change process. So you feel balance and centered during the change process.   It is interesting that this week I was inspired to write about change as I have since learnt that the new moon energy is today, Thursday 19th July, which is telling I to let go of anything from the past that just needs to go, so space is created for the new to come into your life. So this week allow yourself to embrace change with magenta and welcome the new with lime green.