Congratulations to Kate and William on the birth of their big bouncing baby boy. This boy is certainly here to make his mark, he has not only been born under the powerful energy of the full moon, giving him great strength while also being sensitive, but he is a magenta colour personality based on his date of birth. This colour is already considered to be a royal colour! Magenta is linked to the number 8, making him very organised, intuitive, wise, nurturing, and caring with great strength. He will naturally know what to do as he will have the ability to know what people are thinking! As magenta is made up of red and violet, its influence on him will mean he will be a great leader, have great drive, be successful in what he does, and have plenty of energy to do what is required of him. While under the violet influence, he will be responsible, and want the best for everyone and his country. He will be able to give and command respect and use his great business acumen abilites. He is well capable for the role of being King one day, as he is practical, realistic and intelligent with a great memory. He will have the ability to work well under pressure. Two multiplied by four equals eight, and in esoteric numerology, balances the material and immaterial worlds. This number is made up of two circles and so is a very significant number, as the world is round, the sun and moon are round, our eyes are round, so a very important shape indeed. The number eight also represents balance, so balance will be very important to him. It knows the difference between make-believe and genuine spiritual realisations. Eight is focused on results, often in the form of money, yet does not care much about money for the sake of money. He will see money as a tool, not an end-result. He is generous and willing to take risks. While he is a magenta, number 8 personality, he is born under the green ray, giving him a really great heart and here again me see he needs to learn about the balance of giving and receiving. Friends and family will be very important to him and being out doors in nature will also be very beneficial. He will tend to have an interest in personal development. A well rounded interesting balanced Prince! He has come back to learn the qualities of indigo, so structure will be something he has come back to learn, so he will need to adapt to the structures in place in the royal palace, and violet will be the colour he will need to support him, and help him take responsibility and always do his best for the people of the United Kingdom. So it would be great if Kate and William would help him build and use all of these abilities he has within him, and take note of his sensitive yet outgoing nature. This boy will benefit from having his colours around him, green, violet, indigo and magenta.