I’m seeing a lot of interest in my colour numerology readings and this doesn’t surprise me at all. If you haven’t considered having one done, maybe after reading this post you will.   The benefits are invaluable as the colour reading and consultation in person (or via Skype) will help to identify your own unique gifts and talents.     We don’t hear enough about our own special gifts.  People need to be reassured that they are all wonderfully unique and beautiful. I love how the universal language of colour, using your own date of birth, helps your soul to communicate with you and links to your soul purpose. me can discover your soul colour personality,mine is green and your vibration which leads you to an understanding and acceptance of why you are the way you are. We’ll see your true talents, gifts and attributes.   You’ll uncover the colour attribute you have been born with and may even find you aren’t using or tapping into these attributes and colour.  Only through knowing this colour and associated qualities will you start to connect with your infinite true potential and embrace all the wonderful gifts and attributes you’ve been born with.     Just to give you an idea let me share with you a short summary of my adorable Cédrics’ soul colours. Born on 31st August 2012, his soul numbers are 4, 8, 5, 8, which makes him a magenta personality, linked to his soul purpose. He is a strong magenta – it appears twice in his numbers and is also placed in the area where drawing on his magenta qualities will help him in his life if he draws. This colour is around him to inspire and guide him and keep him vibrating towards the magenta ray, his true soul colour.   He is a spiritual boy, who will be organised and display great business acumen. He’s very caring, loving and nurturing and could work in the field of healing and might run his own practice as he is also born with the qualities of green which is linked to healing and helping others.   There is something royal and sophisticated about him. He is very balanced as magenta is made up of red and violet, so he has the grounding of red, and the intuitive spiritual power of violet, which is really going to help him. This makes him strong yet sensitive. He will be the type of guy who will like the finer things in life. Balance in life will be very important to him.   He has come back to learn about blue, communication, speaking his truth and expressing his needs and desires. Already Cedric is very vocal which explains a lot with his gooing sounds. :o) Having this colour around him will ensure he completes what he has come back to learn. By working with his soul colours it ensures that he will make the very best of his life here on earth and will achieve what he has set out to do….   A client recently said to me that after having completed the colour numerology circle of life, she’s become the person she should be.  She became one of the people she admired and ran to in the past.  Now  everyone runs to her, wanting to find out just how she shines her true light so brightly.  This is what me should all be like, shining our true light and realising our dreams naturally and, as part of the course of life.   The third colour revealed is the one that is really going to help and support you in life. Working with this colour ray and tapping into what it offers you is akin to turning on your personal GPS in life.   Finally you will get to know what you have come back to learn in this lifetime.  Here you really can see what you need to improve and build on and why you are having certain experiences in your life.   All this information helps you find your gifts, your talents, and the opportunities for joy in your daily life, as well as revealing information and guidance about your life path. So if you want to give a special token to a loved one this Christmas, a colour numerology reading would make an enlightening and useful one that they can use for the rest of their life..now there is a gift idea hard to beat..   Take a look as some testimonials from the recent readings I did:   “A Colour numerology reading confirms what you already know and reveals something you don’t know.  It’s an eye opener and door opener.  Twenty years ago, a Shaman told me I was a yellow and I denied it.   I hid my light from the world for fear of making others uncomfortable.  The colour numerology revealed I was a double yellow and reconnected me to my own dreams which were sleeping inside of me as I didn’t have enough faith or trust to bring them to life.   Colour numerology impregnated me with new life. I can recommend it to anyone”   Annette.   “This is so wonderful, thank you a million times! I loved reading your analysis and felt very good inside while doing so.  I love being a Magenta personality” Agnes   “You were spot on with a lot of what you said and you also revealed things I didn’t know, WOW.  Thank you for this insightful reading, your time and the report that goes with it which will help me focus on what qualities I can expand, improve and use. Sinead.   So what are you waiting for…. Your time to shine is here.  Book a reading with me today by emailing me at info@colourharmonie.com.