We’ve all heard of the Monday’s Child nursery rhyme, which ties in very well with the colour vibration attributes this day is given: • Monday’s child is fair of face – colour vibration white – linked to purity, cleansing and beauty. • Tuesday’s child is full of grace – colour vibration red linked to love, passion and success. • Wednesday’s child is full of woe – colour vibrayion yellow, linked to analysing, the intellect, and new ideas, this child needs to connect more with teh heart and less with the mind :o) • Thursday’s child has far to go – colour vibration royal blue, linked to oceans of possibilities. • Friday’s child is one of giving – colour vibration green linked to the heart and the balance of giving and receiving. • Saturday’s child works for a living – colour vibration indigo, linked to structure and work gives I structure in our life. • And the child born on the Sabbath day (Sunday) is bonny, blithe, good & gay – colour vibration orange linked, to joy, vitality and creativty.