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As I was sitting in front of my PC this week, thinking about what I was going to cover in my blog, a recent experience I had came to mind. me have all felt anger at some stage in our lives, whether it’s about something or someone. So wouldn’t it be great to have a way to learn,deal and heal from this angry feeling or emotion?   Well I have a colour which works like magic, it’s the colour PINK which comes to the rescue. I know the real power of this colour, both having used this colour myself but also from the many of my clients who have used it and have had extraordinary results, by ‘thinking pink’.   We are great at welcoming the great feelings but nobody likes the not so good feelings, especially the angry one. If you are feeling angry about something or towards someone, firstly acknowledge it, and see what message it has for you, and then visualise pink enveloping the area in your body, where you feel the anger or if it is towards someone or a situation send pink light.   This really dispels the anger you are holding on to. Working with the pink ray completely lifts you to a calmer, softer, loving space. Take a look at this picture and you will start to feel the gentle, loving kindness from looking at these pink flowers. Don’t underestimate the power of this exercise as I had a client recently who worked with pink and she received pink roses a few days later! So this really does work. :o)   If you are feeling angry then it is important to allow the anger to come up, and acknowledge it. It is very easy to push this feeling away, but the not so good feelings can be our biggest teachers, and may lead to something else going on inside of us.   I found recently I felt angry and when I looked inside, it was related to the recent loss of my Mother. Here I was thinking I was doing great, dealing with her physical loss but the anger was telling me something different. I needed to release this deep sadness and void I felt and let the tears cleanse my loss, release the anger and envelope me in the soft, gentle, loving pink ray. This process brought a great sense of peace and strength. I feel so lucky that I have colour to support me through anything in my life.   In fact all these colour tips I share with you each week, will strengthen you in times of unease, sadness, loss, loneliness, despair, anxiety and uncertainty. And colour will also help you enhance, expand and make the most of the positive feelings and experiences, so you really tap into the biggest part of you and make the most of every situation and feeling you have in your life.   So play with colour, just like using the pink as I have used it myself, and keep doing this until you see the shift. By working with colour you will be reminded and shown the true miracles of life. You will be placed in a zone that helps you flow in life rather than be against the tide all the time. And most of all, you will have a great sense of peace and inner strength that will get you to move any mountain in your way. Sending you a pink hug this week from sunny Brussels.