You may have noticed that over the last few years there are more and more colours in the shops, even laptops now come in an array of colour choices. And so this has got people colour curious, and they want to know what colour can do for them which has compelled me to write this article. But before I go into the many ways that colour can transform you and your life, let me first talk about how me humans operate, to give you an understanding about why colour is so effective in regulating I and in helping I to create lives of peace, harmony and fulfillment. We are actually made up of two bodies. Our physical body, which is perceived by our five senses, and our second body which is our etheric body, otherwise known as the Aura. The etheric body emanates light which can be seen by using Kirlian photography. This aura surrounds plants, animals, and material objects, causing all things to affect one another. Below are two photographs taken using Kirlian photography. They demonstrate what I mean. Photo sources: Leaf by Tao News and President Obama by                     The energy field me see here radiates from I and is energetically reacting with everyone and everything. This is why when me enter a room filled with people, me sense whether that room is permeated with vibrations that are harmonious or unharmonious. The state of the etheric body or aura ultimately determines the health of the physical body because it is in the aura that disease starts and where healing must begin in order for the physical body to be healed. This in turn will also be showing up in your daily life, whether you are feeling happy and full of energy and living life in the flow. Or whether you are experiencing dis-ease where you feel it is an upward struggle, and you always seem to be searching for the next kick and never happy with what you have. It is for this reason that colour therapy works so effectively. For example, when the specific colour you need is applied to your body, using lights, it instantaneously balances and corrects the flow of your energetic field, releasing blocked or stuck energy. This then corrects the flow of energy in your energetic body. This explains why you feel the effects in your physical body when undergoing colour therapy. The specific colour needed varies from person to person which is why as a Colour Therapist, I colour diagnose first, using various diagnostic tools. I may also use coloured crystals. This is a technique that involves me moving the energy of your aura and cleansing it with various movements. You can also feel the effects of this as I work. And it is the same if I use silk scarves. The colour is taken in by the energetic part of your body first, then it reaches the physical, explaining why you feel the difference and why people feel so good after a consultation. After colour is applied to your body your energy is not only balanced but the vibration you radiate is changed. You will also see the beneifts of this in your daily life too, as you are no longer an energetic match to the things you had before. You will, most commonly, radiate at a higher frequency. This means that you are now not only feeling better but you will begin attracting more of your dreams and desires because they are no longer blocked by denser energies and emotions, keeping you from being aligned to the higher dreams and desires that you deserve. You see the law of the universe states that what you put out, you get back. If you feel peaceful, you will radiate peace. If you are calm, you radiate calmness. If you feel self-respect, you radiate respect and therefore this is what you attract into your physical world. Colour is light and me radiate light energy. me are all light beings so this is why colour synchronizes so much within us, and creates a more physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced life. If me are balanced, me are more peaceful and fulfilled because colour takes I there energetically. And that balance frees I to feel the higher energies of love, peace, joy and happiness, and in achieving this me attract more of all of those delicious states of being into our own lives.