Graphic4Have you ever thought about what you are made of? This concept came to me as I sat down to write this week’s blog. Having worked with thousands of clients I get to see that everyone is made up of their beliefs, culture, past experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as their family lineage and this is colouring their life. Every single person wants to be loved, and to love, to be happy, abundant and filled with vibrancy and a sense of passion for life and living. You are more than enough and deep down you know that there is more to you than meets the eye but maybe you just don’t know how to access it? As a starter click here before choosing a coloured tulip that will reveal your message for today. I would like you to embrace your chosen colour this week. Wear this colour, look at the colour card that comes with the message and breathe this colour in for three to seven breaths. Eat those coloured fruits and vegetables. Observe how you feel. Let this colour connect you to your true light and so bring you closer to the infinite light and infinite potential that I get to see in those that I connect with. I want you to see that for yourself too. Graphic2 Knowing and using the secret power of Colour is a real game changer. It is the language of your life and is in fact the language of your soul. As humans me all want to have the reassurance and ‘knowing’ that me are making the right decision before me have the courage to make changes. But what if you became aware of the colours that keep showing up in your life and discovered the message they held for you. How would that be for you? What if you had confirmation of something deep down that you already knew but didn’t trust? I have found, particularly in the free discovery sessions I offer, that I can see the true light and potential of people I connect with that they can’t yet see for themselves. My innate way of working with colour taps into the essence of a person, the essence of someone’s business and what that looks like. It’s as if there are colourful light bulbs exploding all over the place and that has a resonance for the person I speak with. You too can connect with this colour frequency so you will slide down the rainbow and land among the treasures each and every one of you have, once you open yourself to them. Graphic1 You are a shining star and today I want you to turn up that inner light switch of yours so you shine the essence of who you are and what you are capable of. To join the waiting list for a free discovery session, click here. Congratulations! You are on your way to a brighter more fulfilling and purposeful life.