Hello lovely readers, I hope you are well today and enjoying the power Magenta is wielding this month.

I am coming in to ask you for your help and to share some realisations I have had in the process, which you actually may relate to.

I applied for The Platinum Award organized by Janey Lee Grace and it has brought great insight for me around recognition and I am curious to see if you have experienced something similar from time to time?

Let me share what this award means and what’s so special about the Platinum Awards? Well, this is what Janey Lee Grace has to say about the Platinum Awards. You can see that it’s something she feels very strongly about….

We continue to champion and promote the best of the best in natural products and services. Because it’s hugely important to me to look at the holistic picture, we decided on entries not only from just skincare and beauty companies, but from any eco natural sustainable brands and also to therapists and coaches who are doing such important work. In addition, last year we had a large number of entries in our wellbeing / spirituality author category, as we think it’s so important to recognise the people who are going all out to inspire us to better health and wellbeing through the books they are writing and apps they are creating.

The Award winners are selected after ‘real life’ testing by our panel of judges who are key influencers, renowned celebrities and respected experts.

If you vote, you get put into a draw to win organic products worth £100!

So will you vote for me, please?


It’s super simple, all you need to do is enter Marcia O’ Regan and your email address. Done! I promise it will take less than 2 minutes and mean the world to me.

This is a biggy for me to ask for help and ask for your vote.  So I know whatever the outcome I am allowing more support in. Spirit always rewards action.

Now for the realization and light bulb moments. Firstly putting myself forward for this was a big step for me as it was about recognition in what I do in the entrepreneurial spiritual and self development field.

I was telling myself I don’t need to be recognized externally as I know inside every vibe of me that the work I do is life altering for everyone I partner with and is willing to partner with me in this inner and outer work.  But there was a niggling sense that this was about a bigger picture and so I went ahead trusting the intuitive nudge from my Earth angel friend and my inner knowing I got.

I was telling myself that the work I do is channeled through me so it is the work of Divine Source magic that creates the benefits for those I work with.  But something was telling me there is more to this.  So I surrendered and followed the cues.

Then it hit me. This application process was about me claiming my space in this field as an expert and owning it.  That some people do like to have external proof of my work and an award would allow me to reach more people I am meant to help.  I did get guidance to work with a wider audience and so of course this would have me reach a wider audience, doh!!  Now I am thrilled to be able to use this wonderful vehicle to get my message out there to a wider audience.

The other golden nugget was that I can’t do it alone!  Asking you for help and allowing the power of a group of influencers to share my message and magic.

Then the next part of the process was pulling out some testimonials and case studies which I re-read and I could feel my eyes bulge at just how in a short time of 6 weeks or  6 months people’s lives have taken a 360 degree turn.

This is the magic of the work I so love to be doing as part of my life purpose.  It really is the trust and love that allows this magic to unfold, to embody my own innate spiritual power and intuition, always reaching for the highest consciousness in any given moment so I stay humble and connected in this beautiful work I do.

In this work, we really do need constant reminders of our why.  I am really seeing that this work is like being a surgeon and it requires so much behind the scenes holding the space and connecting and moving the energies for each person to see what their soul shows me.

In the Irish culture to acknowledge yourself  was to get above yourself, who do you think you are, and so I feel I am also healing this under current ancestral conditioning in the process.

It is OK and not just OK but so important to acknowledge ME and my contribution to each person I work with and to the collective. To acknowledge ourselves every step of the way and so I have realized this is about me acknowledging where I have come from and where I am today and all I have showed up for.  And to assure those waiting and wishing for BIG changes that they are in fact in safe hands.


The other great aspect if this process is I have had to take time to reflect on what makes me stand out in my field. This is what I have realized makes me stand out.

– My knowledge and understanding of the language of colour, which is the language of our soul and a science that is also a healing tool. – My intuitive gifts where I am able to tap into this to heal and guide and pass on intuitive guidance as it comes in to those I work with. – My care, generosity and attention for each client I work with. – My personable approach because I know, no size fits all and I have this way of knowing what each person needs and what each program I create needs based on the person’s and the groups requirements. – My spiritual and practical approach to living my life purpose and guiding women to be all they came here to be and do the work they came here to do. – My passion and deep love for this work where I know deep in my heart it is to set all women free from cultural, ancestral conditioning so they can honour the truth of being a woman, strong, loving, intuitive, soft, brave, sacred, complex, wise and potent and innate ability to be financially free living a wealthy life in all aspects.

I have actually found this process quite empowering and so I would  encourage you to take time to acknowledge you and all you have overcome this year, this life time of yours?   Because it all counts. 

To also acknowledge how sometimes our mind still tries to keep us small and we just have to go against what we think and go with what we know deep down and give it a go!

I live and breathe the concept of living from my true power and this is continually evolving and I always love the sweetness I experience in this beautiful evolution letting our souls lead the way. 

To honour this whole process, in September I will be opening up some complementary breakthrough calls, here is the link to my diary https://meetme.so/Marcia  to book a one hour call if you feel you are ready to explore what living from your power means for you.

And thank you fro m the bottom of my heart for your vote of confidence.

Click this link http://janeyleegrace.com/readers-votes/  enter Marcia O’ Regan and your email address.

Much love

Marcia xx