Pink energy – Loving, patient, kind, nurturing, compassionate, soothing, feminine, soft and motherly. This ray is my favourite colour. It is the colour on one of my kitchen walls, my favourite place in our house, where me gather to share wonderful moments and where great creations emerge from the kitchen as me share good food and good wine with great company. Pretty in Pink Elodie 01 There has been a surge of pink in our household with the celebration and arrival of our beautiful baby girl. Well wishers call with pretty pink gifts. Seeing so much pastel pinks around our house has been a delight. It has made me conscious of the change in energy, the addition of a particular softness and gentle femininity to the status quo when I was more than out-numbered by my 3 males in the household. It feels soooo good to have a female ally too, hee hee. I am reminded of the power of pink and femininity. It is not always the drive and go-getting male energy that sees I in front, it’s often in the softness and ease that great things can be accomplished where me are given the opportunity to use and tap into an intuitive, creative, female energy. I find it quite timely too as just a fortnight ago the summer solstice brought a further influx of the feminine energy sprinkling I and our planet with creative, loving Goddess energy making it an ideal time to embrace the pink tones. This nurturing, divine energy makes my heart sing and dance all on its own. Embrace pink by wearing this colour and by having pink flowers or accessories in your home. Observe how you feel and if you notice a difference. As I write this article and connect with pink I feel so full of love. See if embracing and connecting with pink energy has the same effect on you. In the Pink The pink ray is one of the most delicate colours of the spectrum though it shouldn’t be underestimated. Made up of the vibrancy and power of red balanced with tones of white adding the softer, tender, feminine persona and blended to perfection to create unconditional motherly love. No matter what, your Mother will always listen and soothe you and this is what the pink ray does for you too. Associated with romantic love, this ray encourages and helps you to open up to love and your heart’s desires. My wise Mother used to say if you don’t love yourself, no-one else will. Pink is the tonic to help you do just that as it represents self-acceptance, self-love, self-forgiveness and non-judgment. Rose pink is the happiness and joy from loving and being loved. Pink calms and reassures your emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect. All you need to do is visualize those who are angry towards you or maybe those you feel anger towards and shower them in pink light. You will be amazed by how effective this exercise is. Studies have confirmed that exposure to large amounts of pink has a calming effect on the nerves. Violent and aggressive prisoners have been successfully calmed by placing them in a pink room for a specified amount of time. This colour is effective to use on people with cancer. It’s hardly a coincidence that many cancer charities use pink ribbons to raise awareness of the work they do. True Love At Last Pink is associated with romantic love. Use its power to attract a new love into your life. Carry a rose heart quartz with you and if you want to attract the love of your life place the crystal by your bed. Use a magic pink box to draw a spouse or life partner to you. Write your deepest desires for a loved one on a piece of paper. In the present tense describe them, your ideal relationship and how you want to feel. Place this box in the south west corner of your house, in a cupboard or out of sight. True love at last. Think Pink: Colour statements with Pink Focus on these words and the energy of pink as you repeat these statements. Feel free to create your own. • With pink I am aligned to my heart’s desires. • I radiate pink light and love wherever I go. • I tap into my feminine loving energy as I am filled with the pink ray. • I open my heart to love. • I radiate a loving and inviting pink energy. • I have found the love of my life as I am enveloped in sparkles of pink light.