cupcake-252805_1920The recipe for an abundant life with financial freedom is similar to that of a cake. If you omit a key ingredient such as the raising agent, your cake will be a total flop no matter how delicious the other ingredients are.

Over the last few months when it comes to people’s money stories this is what I have been finding. They know all about the law of attraction, they have worked on their limiting beliefs, mind set, karma and the like and yet it all seems short lived.

I found this out for myself. Up to a few months ago I’d find that I could earn money alright but I couldn’t hold on to it. Until one day I had an epiphany. I was given golden information on how to release unsavory money energy stories. I was shown an energetic money activator within all beings, which can be dormant and needs to be activated in order for money to flow easily and effortlessly.

treasure-chest-619876_1920 I was given colour codes to open this portal to the treasures of abundance within. The effects of this technique is that Money starts to flow and you experience wonderful gifts, like being treated to dinner, pay rises, clients appearing from nowhere, unexpected experiences where you meet people that give you the exact information or nugget you had wished for, the one that is a game changer to your business model and you are filled with gratitude.

Life feels more joyful, and you feel so much lighter. You feel the flow of energy in you, around you and it’s like a magic spell has been sprinkled upon you. There is an excitement that sits in the solar plexus and moves in to the heart and chest, and you just can’t find the words to describe what has happened.

The only way I can describe it is compare it to the raising agent. This is why all the law of attraction efforts have been short lived or the positive affirmations aren’t quite doing the trick. It isn’t you, it is the fact that the energy side of money was dormant, and this showed up as blockages, because energy needs to move, energy creates all the time and if it can’t move, it can’t create.

It becomes stuck and stagnant and like the cake baking, instead of a nice risen cake experience, you have a flopped cake, despite you following the recipe.

colour codes to open this portal to the treasures of abundance within.

Since February I have been putting this to the test with my 1-2-1 clients and my colour graduate club members and the results are brilliant. I’m more convinced than ever.

In April on my birthday I ran a paid online workshop called ‘How to attract more money with colour’ and subsequently I created a Facebook support group and have seen significant shifts there too.

In 98% of cases it works. For the other 2%, extra attention is needed. When the energy moves there are significant shifts and so the person needs to understand what is going on. These light bulbs ensure that it is eventually integrated 100% into the energetic system, but it may take a bit more time. The group support and my expertise are needed to keep the momentum going and ensure there aren’t any setbacks.

Now I have decided to make this public so I am opening up a Nine Week Money Maker Course for you to experience this and have me support you through the process. You’ll also be given access to the private Facebook page for one year. Click here if you too would like to have your cake and eat it. 😉 Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email at