My own learning has accelerated in the last few months. THE POWER OF CONNECTION was a joyful discovery. I have come to understand its significance in our life in so many areas – how we feel, how we are experiencing our life and how our business is doing.

Just think about it for a minute and connect in with your body. Notice how the energy is flowing and how connected you feel. If you feel grounded, centered, a quiet knowing that everything is taken care of and you are living in tune with life and everything around you, you are feeling connected. You simply feel GOOD, REALLY GOOD. You only take INSPIRED Action. You feel grateful and you don’t get engulfed in dramas like you once did. You think of someone and that person calls, you have a great desire to have sushi and your husband comes back from work and says “ Darling I decided we would have sushi tonight” and you gleam with joy and gratitude for being so connected. So connected with your husband that he picked up on your desire and so connected the Universe that they nudged to inspired action. 😉   You command to the Universe that you want to work with 5 amazing beings that are yearning for the kind of help you offer and you find that in a short few days, people are coming out of nowhere…

If you are not experiencing this kind of synchronistic life then there is most likely a DISCONNECT and this is affecting your life and your business. The connection I am talking about first starts with ourselves, and who we truly are, not who we are told we should be, not the person who people-pleases, or who self-doubts, these are all signs of a DISCONNECT in some shape or form.

If only we took the time to PAUSE and NOTICE we would feel this DISCONNECTION. When this disconnect is present, no matter what we do or what we try we just can’t seem to feel complete. Think of a kitchen appliance where there’s a wire disconnection and it can’t operate on full power, or you may find one day it works and the other day it doesn’t, you give it an aul bang and a shake and it is sparked into life for another while.

The same goes for us beautiful beings, if we are not connected with ourselves we will feel that disconnect. Now more than ever we are being nudged by various circumstances to repair the disconnection we have. In my personalised 1-2-1 sessions, by using the Colour Diagnostic Tool I reveal which energy is vibrating to the right energy and which isn’t and from that I can see where the disconnect is and on what level. Whether it’s on a physical, emotional, mental, metabolic or spiritual level I will uncover the one colour and its complementary needed to repair this DISCONNECT.

CONNECTION filters into other areas of our life, most obviously in the relationships we form. You know yourself when you meet someone for the first time and you feel that there is a strong connection. I was introduced to a lovely Hungarian lady last week and we just CONNECTED. We clicked. Oh it felt so good, I felt I knew her so well, like we had been friends for years.   I felt so comfortable in her company, the time passed and despite it being our first encounter we both said we felt this connection.   We shared a lovely connected moment and we both felt we nurtured each other’s being.

This also plays out in our business. If we don’t feel CONNECTED with ourselves and our unique talents and gifts, and what we offer, it is felt by clients on some level and drives their behavior and feelings towards us as business owners. It shows up in our business in various forms. A few clients cancels appointments, you find that you are stopping and starting things, you get distracted and don’t finish tasks. This leads to a sense of overwhelm and a downward spiral as a signal of desperation is sent out and clients run the other way.

It is for this reason when I’m with my 1-2-1 with individual clients I will only be working with four people in that period so I am deeply connected with each of them… I feel them, I sense their energy and more often than not when I call or email them I’ll find that they will be in need of my support, attention or reassurance.

You can CONNECT in with yourself. If you are aware of the language of colour check in with the colours you find you are being drawn to of late and this will give you some insight. Click here, to find what your colour choice is telling you. Awareness is the first key step to change and movement and repairing this connect.

Nature is our greatest teacher, the plants and trees and flowers are connected to the seasons, they know when to let their leaves go, they know when the bud will form again and burst open into a lovely baby leaf, or flower, and fully open as the warmth of the sun and air signals it to open. I have especially noticed the amazing colours this autumn, the shades appear more golden and red this year, well at least here in Brussels. What are you finding about autumns signs this year?

We are all CONNECTED, and so how we are feeling is contributing to the world we live in. If we can feel that more centered, connected to our emotions and feelings, rather than numbing them or keeping them in, then not only will we feel the benefit but the world as a whole will benefit. This will enable us all to be living in a world of GREAT WONDERFUL JOYFUL CONNECTIONS.   I would love to hear your thoughts on how you see connection at play, leave a comment below.