Acceptance1What if no matter what was going on in your life, you had total acceptance? I have over the years found that acceptance is one of the most powerful ways to heal and learn. Once me ACCEPT, me stop resisting what persists, let go of control and make peace with whatever is showing up in our life, even though it is our worst nightmare.   Just over two years ago my lovely Mother was diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease, and it was during this time and during her illness, I learnt about ACCEPTANCE.   To accept that this disease was taking over my Mothers ability, to speak, eat, swallow and walk. To accept it was a disease incurable, progressive and terminal.     And accept that as a colour therapist and healer I could not heal the one person I loved so much. Once I accepted what I was experiencing in my life despite me not wanting it, in some odd way it became easier to deal with.   When I think of ACCEPTANCE, the colour yellow and blue came to mind. These colours helped support me by visualizing these colours in my body, so that part of me needing to ACCEPT, could do so with ease. When I was in the energy of acceptance, in some odd way it gave me a sense of peace. I accepted this was happening and so made the best of it.   I realised in some respects this was a gift, because if my Mother passed suddenly, I would have been totally devastated. But this way, our Mother was slowly taken away from us. I got used to not being able to pick up the phone and speak to her like I used to or consult her for advice, so in some way I weaned myself off her and so when she did pass, while I was still sad and grieved by her physical loss, I accepted that she was better off in SPIRIT and was now at PEACE. I also said and did the things I wanted to do and say, so there was absolutely no regret.   Acceptance allowed me to live in the moment, and to stop trying to change what was. It of course also made me grateful of all the things I took for granted before. Grateful that I was able to enjoy a cup of tea, eat my favourite food, or go to a nice café or restaurant.   I also watched my Mother ACCEPT what was happening to her, despite all she was going through, emotionally, mentally,and physically, she had devilment in her eyes, and smiled and sometimes cried through the process. She chose to make the most of what she could do and her sense of humour shined through right up to the day before she passed. I have found when me ACCEPT, me SURRENDER and this brings with it a great sense of peace. And so there is a lot of truth in the saying “every cloud has a silver lining”.   Now, there is the ACCEPTANCE that she has moved on to Spirit, and that I can connect with her in another form. It was then I realised that ACCEPTANCE is such a BIG part of everyday life. So give it a try now and just ACCEPT what is happening in your life, without the desire to change it, and see what comes up for you.