Wholeness is made up of two halves.  

We are seeing a lot of talk about Divine Feminine. It isn’t just one side, there is also the Divine Masculine, because one can’t exist without the other.  Just like a coin has two halves, you too and made of two side and we are now being asked to unite the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within us, a new golden consciousness.

Today I am being guided to activate within you this golden legacy of light so you can open your heart more, increase the potency of your manifesting powers so you can create your life’s legacy, the ultimate one being that you are born to shine like the sun.

For this to be so you are being asked to let go of thoughts, conditions and feelings that it’s impossible or too hard or cannot be done.  It can, if you decide it is done and commit to that.

You can catch the video here which goes deeper into this topic and I take your this golden activation with an exercise to do afterwards.



Marcia x