Lorenzo, photo by Di Mackey

Everyone knows that the act of eating is not only a delightful act but it is the way me supply our bodies with our daily energy intake. Hippocrates’s said: “Let your food be your medicine, and the medicine be your food”, but it is difficult to apply this wisdom as me rush through our daily lives, often too busy to take the time required when selecting and preparing our food.   This can leave I feeling weak, exhausted, and generally unwell in body, mind and soul. F. Héritier’s latest book, titled “Le sel de la vie”, is a bestseller throughout Europe and talks of some of the important principle truths found in the cultural traditions of the East.   The notion that “Body IS soul”, rather than the two separate entities – “Body and Soul”, as taught in western philosophy, and sung about by some of the great musicians like Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse.  

Photo by Di Mackey

Italian chef, Lorenzo Fantini, and I would like to invite you to join I in exploring the creation of nutritious and tasty food, inspired by the spiritual requirements of your body. We promise you an experience that will energise your body and let you see just how you can incorporate delicious, nutritious, colour-therapy inspired food into your diet. The deliberate use of colour, based on feeding the body’s chakras, is a way of cooking for your spiritual body. If you then incorporate this food with a regular yoga practice, you are well on your way to becoming more centered and fulfilled. In consciously choosing to feed both your body and soul you are opening the door into a new way of living.   Why is it important that me are mindful in the use of colour in our cooking? It is possible to feed our chakras via our food. Chakras are the seven crucial points in our body – the places where soul and spirit show themselves.   Ancient Indian medical practices reveal what Western science has now begun to understand … there is the first red center (the Muladhara) – located in the perineum area and connected with square form, ground, earth, legs, bones, spine, supra-renal gland. The chakra is related to back pain, knee pain, obesity. These chakras move up through our body reaching the seventh golden-violet chakra (the Sahasrara chakra). It is situated on the top of our head and known as the crown chakra. It is connected with circle, sky, pure infinite spirit, the pituitary gland, and the central nervous system.   We now understand that the chakras are the connecting doors (via the correlated actions of the endocrine glands, colours, yoga and food) between body and mind. Doors that lead to a true wellness. This understanding has inspired me to offer a workshop with chakra cooking expert, Italian television chef, vegan cafe owner & chef, Lorenzo Fantini. On Sunday 22nd July 2012, from 10am to 3.30pm you are welcome to join I as me take you through the benefits of colour-related cooking that feeds both your chakras and your spiritual selves. But more than that, me will be merging the practice of yoga with this workshop about the benefits of colour and food.   During the workshop you will be taste the food, to experience how it is when the colour red pushes weakness and tiredness out of your body. How it feels when that tiredness is replaced with a vital energy. The Menu: The colour red will take the form of a tagliatelle di riso – a rice stick – in a slow-cooking Italian vegetable ragu. Note: each course will be accompanied by a good red wine.   The second dish will use the colour orange,the colour that works on removing low self-confidence. It will light your creative spark via a Hokkaido pumpkin stir fry full of seasonal vegetables, Italian herbs, with a touch of fresh ginger to get you zinging!   The third course will concentrate on the colour yellow, the colour that works on low self-esteem. It also helps relieve digestive issues. This will take the form of a Nasi Kuning, an Indonesian rice cooked with cocoa milk, lemon grass, lime and ginger.   The final dish will be a home-made dairy-free ice cream, full of blueberries. This dish brings a balance to our revitalising meal, opening you up spiritually via the indigo/violet ray.   How about joining the lovely, warm-hearted Lorenzo and I in my kitchen on Sunday 22nd July this summer! You can read more about Lorenzo over on his website: http://www.cibielibri.it/ To read more about thje workshop click on this link: http://www.colourharmonie.com/re-ignite-your-passion-for-life-with-yoga-healthy-italian-cooking-and-colour/ To book: Email me at info@colourharmonie.com or call 047 367 7341.