The-key-to-having-what-you-love-and-not-what-you-want2 I’m sure you have heard of vision boards and what a  great tool they can be to align you to your dreams, but I have a question, are they really working for you?  While they can enhance what you envision for yourself I have found something much more effective.  As  I am a believer in us all tapping in to our own innate knowledge I’m not going to tell you straight off. I want you to experience this for yourself.   I want you to connect in with the word VISION. Where do you feel it?  It might help if you try saying it aloud. What I see is that it is outside of me, like an arm’s length away, in fact even the vibration of the word feels more outside. Our outer life experience is actually an inside job, what we are resonating inside is playing out in our outer word. Let’s connect with an alternative  – DESIRE.  Now where do you feel that resonate? I feel the word Desire is more inside of us and more connected to what our hearts desire.  I would love you to play with this.   In his book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill says DESIRE is the first step towards riches.  And so it is my belief and experience that DESIRE is  far more aligned and powerful than vision. If I were to ask you what are your desires, and then I asked what are your visions, you may find that they are quite different. Often we think if we have this vision we will be happy.   After focusing on it, working hard most likely and overcoming obstacles we find we have obtained it but we don’t feel as excited as we thought we would. This happened to me 18 years ago.  I spent 5 years going to college part-time to do a business degree.  At the time I worked for the airlines.  I would wake before 5am to be at the airport for an early work shift. Afterwards I’d squeeze in some study hours before heading to college for 6.30pm where I’d stay in class until 10pm.  I did that twice a week for 5 years of my life.  I sacrificed a lot but I was determined to prove to myself that I could do it, and I did.  On my graduation day as I walked up the aisle and was presented with my Hons Degree in Business Studies, I felt absolutely nothing.  This was a huge shock and got me thinking.  Is our vision really what we truly desire?  It was only when I took  time off over the summer that I revisited this concept and in my case, and in the case of those I have shared this with, it quite often isn’t what we TRULY DEEPLY DESIRE.  DESIRE can bring you what you love and not what you want or think you want. Often we don’t give into our desires, the desires of buying and wearing an expensive coat, or eating in a Michelin star restaurant. This to me is indulging in life, letting us have the desire there and then, is one the loveliest gifts we can give to ourselves.  I have to say I do give in to my desires and it is such a feel good factor and I attribute it greatly to who I am and what I am experiencing. When I wear my new winter coat I feel amazing and it serves as a reminder of my own self-worth and worthiness. The beautiful aubergine shade  is also the colour I have been born with, so is another reason I deserve this royal colour. Connecting with your DESIRE will serve you better.  It will align you more with the calling of your heart.  Give it a go.  Write down your desires, you can even do a visual of your DESIRES and see how it makes you feel.  Now write down your vision, let me know what your findings are.  I would love to hear your take on this.  And by the way if your desires differ from your vision, it might be worth refocusing on your desires.  ☺