The coloured clothes you wear is communicating on a psychological level to everyone you meet every day. This is why it is so important to be colour aware and know the language and psychology of colour. Why? Because it impacts your life, and tells the world how you are feeling. If you go to work every day in somber colours such as grey and black, you are telling the world you are off-colour, holding something back, and generally not a very open vibrant individual. You don’t stand out, you slip in as part of the crowd. However if you wear more uplifting colours such as red for passion, leadership and success, or orange which fills you and everyone with sunshine, and gives you creative sparkle or uplifting yellow you give a very different image about yourself. Not only that buy you start feeling better when you wear more uplifting colours. Did you know that if you have a meeting with a difficult boss or employee, wear a pink shirt, this will psychologically make the person softer! If you are presenting and really want to get the message across wear blue. Do you want to make an impact in an interview where a red dress or red top, you will not only liven up your interviewer and stand out but you feel full of energy and confidence. Go now to your wardrobe, and see what the dominant colours are and see the colour meanings on this website, to give you an insight what this is telling you. Do a spring clean and take out all the old less vibrant colours and get out there and avail of the great colours which are in this year. Keep me posted on how you and your days start to change for the better, as you explore and play with the colours you wear and connect with the magic of life!