joyI am in a Joyful June Bootcamp led by Melanie Bundock for the month of June and I have been amazed at its impact in connecting in with the energy of joy. I actually was one of the guest speakers in this bootcamp talking about joy and the colour associated with joy, you can catch the interview here. I go through a joy activation exercise. I have learnt an awful lot about joy since embarking on this bootcamp. Feeling joyful spills into every other feeling. It gives you greater energy and vitality, a sense of excitement about living, and an ability to stay steady even when things don’t go according to plan.

me and mel So it is no wonder really that the colour of joy is yellow. Yellow is the colour of the sun, it fills up a space and makes everything that bit brighter, lighter and joyful. And sure who doesn’t feel good when the sun shines?! A warm sunny day has a way of making you feel happy and joyful for no reason. I have even noticed more people smiling on a sunny day.

Yellow can lift you up, spring clean your system, and have you feeling more confident and give you a spring clean and fresher outlook. A great way to bring in yellow is to try out having a slice of lemon in water each day and you will see that you will feel clear, and clean from the inside out and it is also great at keeping your energetic field clear too. lemon Yellow will have you wanting to try out things just for the fun of it. It brings in a sense of curiosity to living and you will find less attachment prevails at the outcome.

When I watched the live interview between Melanie and Bob Doyle, the joy and the laughter for a full hour was a tonic. I was smiling from my heart right up to my head, giddy just like I was as a child. I had a grin that spread across my face that spread into the next day. Mel and Bob

When we are joyful nothing can faze us. This was even proven on the live interview, where a technology glitch had Melanie kicked out and Bob Doyle took over without a hitch and we had great giggles and nobody was fazed. It really didn’t matter what happened because we were all having so much fun.

A few minutes later Melanie arrived back and slipped right back to where she left off like a pro, radiating joy and enthusiasm. You can catch the interview by clicking here. I can promise that it will spark joy in you.

Bob Doyle has a great attitude, he just does every day what brings him joy. It started off as an intention early this year and he felt so good and had such great experiences that he is living it every day. It is his new way of ‘doing’ and ‘being’. He has his own Bob Doyle Show, you can follow him by clicking here. You can’t but be affected by his positive attitude, enjoying being himself.

If you want to connect more with joy then there is still time to get in on Melanie’s bootcamp, click here to request to join.

Let theSUNSHINE in with YELLOW

Joy actually can keep you feeling younger. Just like yellow it never fades, it gets brighter, joy can have you feeling brighter from the inside out and younger as a result. Go out and get some yellow flowers, as yellow is in this season, treat yourself to some clothing in yellow and you will see it will have you glow a more joyful ray. 🙂

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