photo (1) This weeks blog post is inspired by a weekend break away with my husband. me left out two little boys in the care of wonderful friends and embarked on a weekend of “couplesome sans les enfants”, time out for us. When was the last time you took some time? This was not an easy task. A few days before me were due to go our boys (16 months and 3 years old) were struck down with a gastric bug and I started to think our special weekend wasn’t going to happen. But my husband insisted and affirmed both boys would recover quickly and he was proven right. On the Friday morning me boarded our train from Brussels bound for the beautiful city of Lyon. It was the best medicine needed. I enjoyed and relished in every second of our time together in Lyon, strolling around the city at our ease, hand in hand, admiring the architecture, enjoying the view, spending time in a lovely hotel where the bed and pillows made I feel me were sleeping on clouds. me woke up naturally, had a wonderful breakfast, caught a comedy club and feasted in nice restaurants. And by Sunday evening I felt like I was 25 again. And it was then I realized that although the intent was me took the time out for I as a couple, in fact it nourished I individually too. me took the time to enjoy the simple, precious things in life, ourselves as individuals as well as together. The colour I saw the whole weekend was red. Our bedroom was decorated in red, which gave that warm, cosy, loving feeling. The shop windows had sparkles of red as a reminder of Valentines around the corner. And this enhanced the loved up feeling of our weekend. So I just want to suggest that you Take Time too, whether you are single or in a couple. You can start with something small. Read those magazines that have been piling up but you’ve felt too busy to open. Taking time is nourishing for the soul, gives you the opportunity to appreciate the simple pleasures of life, spot a little colour along the way and see what message it adds to your experience. Who knows where it will lead you. photo (1) copy