OCT(1) So in last week’s blog I talked about connection, and it being about connecting with ourselves, who we are, and how connection is playing out in our relationships, life and business. We feel connection in so many ways, when you walk into a room you feel it,  we are always connecting with energy around us.  Connection is always there, but I would like to take this CONNECTION a step further. There is another form of connection. This Feeling connected has to do with connecting to that infinite source of potentiality. To me this is the life force. This is a great source of fulfillment, guidance and wonder.  It’s always in full flow and just like electricity it is always there but just like you need to be plugged into electricity in your home to have lights to light up those dark evening, the same goes for this infinite source of potentiality, otherwise known as Universal Energy. When you connect with this level of intelligence, there is a sense of magic and I get that child like feeling and sense of wonder. I get a great kick out of playing with this source. Notice I use the word ‘play’ as this takes out the ‘need’ and creates curiosity instead. Wouldn’t it be great if we all lived like this, that nothing phased us because connecting with this level of intelligence is guiding us, nudging you and me and we are not ‘seeing’ things as happening to us, we are aware of its role of being there. This can be for the good and not so favourable experiences in our life.  A great way to do this is to act as if, if you are in a place with a certain experience and you would like something else, act as if it is your reality.You see everything you are experiencing has two sides, just like a coin, all you need to do is flip it. I connect in with this intelligence for everything, to find a parking place outside my door and nine times of ten it delivers. If I don’t find one then I know there is a disconnect somewhere with my energy, and so it’s a sign for me to give myself time to BE and see what comes. Maybe I just need to invoke the violet flame to clear and cleanse my energy and fill myself with golden light of expansion and wisdom. Wrapping yourself in these two colours are a great cleansing tool to be rid of any sticky blocked energy that could be holding you back from shining your true light. I use this source even to guide me in my business,  for example when it comes to charging my clients I connect in with this source of intelligence and I ask ‘how much do I charge for this service’, I get a figure and connect in with it and so I go with that. And it always seems to work. I connect all the time. I get a nudge to go somewhere, do something, call someone and I follow it. Since I have been working this way I just feel so in tune and energized as I am no longer alone in ‘the doing’ I am assisted and guided by this team of angels and guides or that infinite source of potentiality that is there for us always. Back in April I was in this Facebook group where we all read the E-Squared book by Pam Grout, book I highly recommend. The task was to place a request in order to find something you had lost. I couldn’t find my beautiful turquoise coat. I thought I had left it in the dry cleaners but when I went to retrieve my coat, there was no sign of it. So I sent a request to the infinite source and said to find it within 48 hours. There was nothing to go by but I kept expecting it all the same. I was out walking with Elodie when I got a very strong hunch to go back to the dry cleaners. I asked the lady again to double check her rails as I had a strong feeling that it could be there. It was over a year ago when I would have handed it in, as it was around the time I was pregnant with Elodie and it wouldn’t have fitted. And low and behold she found my coat, but guess what. it was eaten by moths! The message for me there was that I no longer fitted the coat as I was not the same person that had worn this coat. I bought a lovely replacement in September that I love. It’s sophisticated, stylish and on trend. It’s me. Sometimes we harbour of past experiences or things that made us feel a certain way when we would be better served in living and enjoying the experience in that moment knowing that its a journey and trying to recreate that experience may not be what we envisioned, purely because that experience isn’t what we now need, we need something different.  We live in a world of change, the weather and seasons are a great reminder to us of that.  So do you see how life can be by BEING CONNECTED? Have you any experiences to share about your experience of how CONNECTION is playing out in your life?  Leave a comment below, I would love to hear your experience or thoughts on this.