Turquoise energy – calming, loving, creative and intuitive. Linking your heart with what you say.
  Turquoise is a wise colour and funnily enough you can hear that in its pronunciation too.☺ This colour has such a calming influence. Think back to a summer holiday when you were greeted by the turquoise sea and immediately felt a sense of relief sweep over you before diving in to the azure waters. Turquoise calms, soothes and washes our emotions and senses. You may even feel compelled to let out a gasp of relief as turquoise does her work. There is a feminine energy about turquoise. It’s a colour that never lets you down with its mothering, soothing nature making it a great stress reliever, harmonizer and balancer. It is a friendly and happy colour that intends to enjoy life. Turquoise has more to do with feelings and creative expression than with rational thought and you can sense this as you feel the effects of turquoise calming and relaxing you. It has the ability to give you that ‘holiday feeling’ as it combines the light blue of the sky with the invigorating green of the sea. With this ray there is a sense of expansion, doors being flung open. The shadow side of the colour is selfishness where me, myself and I jostle for the spotlight. An over indulgence of this ray can make you that way. So like everything else in life, take the best from turquoise and use it in moderation. Reconnection Turquoise reconnects you by connecting your heart with your truth located in the throat center. Everyone on earth today is encouraged to shine, speak from the heart, follow their desire and if they aren’t doing this then they feel a disharmony in their life that they can’t pin point. Get reconnected to this heart vibration through turquoise. The picture above is designed especially for you for that purpose. 🙂 Embrace turquoise You can wear this colour, breathe it in, or simply look at the picture above of the turquoise sea and feel the turquoise energy do its work in a gentle, loving and nurturing way. Just looking at the colour alone should send a wave of calm, stillness and relief your way.This colour also indicates the need for emotional healing and balancing and in turn stability. Thymus center, the Higher-Heart (only recently awakened by cosmic time) Turquoise is the colour associated with the hypothalamus gland responsible for hormone production, or the throat chakra, as well as the higher heart. Now more than ever it is an important colour to have around as people begin to awaken and discover their purpose or at the least search and question the purpose of their existence. This can be overwhelming. So if you are feeling stressed or disconnected in some way give turquoise a go. If you are drawn to this colour then chances are you need to link what you say with what your heart is telling you. For when me speak from our hearts the true essence of who me are emerges in a loving, calming and balanced way. me all know in our heart of hearts what me need to do if me give ourselves time to connect with it. Turquoise will help you do that ever so gently and carefully. The other message for you if turquoise is your desired colour is that you are in need of emotional healing and balancing or perhaps you are seeking stability. When me speak from our hearts the true essence of who me are emerges in a loving, calming and balanced way. This is why you have chosen to be here on earth at this time. It’s only in doing so that me can show others to do the same. Then one heart at a time, this world can be one of love, truth, peace and harmony. Colour Statements with Turquoise Energy I have tested the statements with and without colour both personally and with my students and I have found the resonance of coupling the words with the colour adds greater power as they are integrated on a deeper level in our subconscious mind. Focus on the words and the energy of turquoise as you repeat these colour statements. Feel free to create your own. • With turquoise I speak from the heart.• Turquoise now washes and balances my emotions. • I am filled with turquoise light which restores my depleted energies. • Turquoise envelopes me, keeping my heart centered and staying connected to my soul purpose. If you would like to open your heart and live the life your soul intended, then click here meetme.so/Marcia to get access to my diary for a free strategy session.